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Campaign Spotlight: UNICEF turns motorbikes into trash bins in Vietnam

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM – The Motobin Movement uses Ho Chi Minh City’s myriad of motorbikes to help reduce litter in Viet Nam’s largest city.

Making use of motorbikes, a type of vehicle which can be found everywhere in bustling Ho Chi Minh City ,UNICEF has partnered with Happiness Saigon to launch the Motobin Movement to raise awareness on the increasing problem of litter getting people directly involved in the solution.
The goal of the recently launched initiative is to place more trash bins on every street across a city of 8 million people that generates nearly 9,000 tons of waste each day according to the Viet Nam Environment Administration.

The Motobin Movement

 – The concept is simple: UNICEF Viet Nam provides inexpensive, biodegradable bags that people can insert into the existing bins on their motorbikes, to be used by themselves and others to deposit their trash.


Once the bag is full, it can then be properly disposed of at a number of geo-mapped public trash collection bins located around the city. The initiative provides an easy way for people in HCMC to take matters into their own hands while taking litter off the streets.

“It’s time for a change,” said Rana Flowers, UNICEF Representative in Viet Nam. “Rubbish on the streets or dumped into our rivers is not just undermining the beauty of Viet Nam but it also leads to diseases and delayed development for our children. We need more bins, we need separate bins for plastics and we need to all – each of us – stop dumping litter on the streets and in rivers. We must create the green, clean, and safe Viet Nam that our children deserve.”

Nichi Fellizi Gatdula, Happiness Saigon Senior Creative, said that the initiative is a unique way to fight an important problem. “We’ve seen countless littering campaigns without any change, so we know that a pure awareness campaign won’t do,” said Nichi. “We created the motobin movement not only as a way to educate but also a tool to make everyone part of the solution.”

The program has successfully launched at a number of universities across Ho Chi Minh City, with multiple orders of bags having been distributed. It has especially received an enthusiastic response from young adults who want to do their part to keep their country beautiful for the generations that follow.

Local restaurants are also picking up the Motobin to distribute at their shops for takeaway orders, with plans to bring on board partnerships to scale the initiative in the future.

While only a temporary solution to the problem, the Motobin are also intended to raise awareness while at the same time getting people in the habit of being conscious of their litter and the importance of disposing of it properly. With the end goal of providing a better environment for our children.

Until more permanent bins are installed, the Motobin movement needs partners and sponsors from the local business community.

If you’d like to become a partner for the movement, you can learn more and become a sponsor for a cleaner Vietnam at

Agency: Happiness Saigon
Executive Creative Management/CEO: Alan Cerutti
Executive Creative Director: Gregory Titeca
Senior Concept Provider: Neena Fellizi Gatdula
Concept Provider: Nicholas Stillittano
Strategic Brand Planner: Linh Le
Copywriter: Nghia Tran
Account Executive: Trinh Nguyen

About Happiness Saigon
Happiness Saigon, is an award-winning creative connectivity agency with offices in Saigon, Vietnam, and Brussels, Belgium. The agency is widely respected for helping build brands that trigger emotions that trigger business. The agency believes in the power of creativity, the power of humanity, and in happiness that fuels both. The multicultural and multitalented team at Happiness has won numerous awards, including a Cannes Lions Grand Prix, and have worked on some of Vietnam’s most awarded creative ideas including UNICEF #NoFilter. Some of Happiness’ work is also featured in the V&A Museum London.

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