Campaign Spotlight: Willems Eyewear and Monica Menez present fashion film “Business as Usual”


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Willems Eyewear, a pioneer in eyewear established in 1927, has collaborated with Monica Menez, an award-winning fashion photographer and filmmaker from Stuttgart, Germany, in producing a sophisticated yet quirky fashion film entitled “Business as Usual.

The eight-minute film ventures into the behind-the-scenes of Willems Beauty Palac–-a high-end and very exclusive beauty salon. It is composed of four episodes, titled “Waiting Room”, “Gratuity”, “Quando ti Guardo (When I See You)”, and “Andy (Advanced)”. 

The campaign briefly explores stories and situations of several characters inside the salon, juggling themes of beauty, jealousy, and even boredom in the office.


Watch all episodes of Business as Usual from MONICA MENEZ on Vimeo.

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In line with Menez’ quirky, yet flawless aesthetic, Business as Usual is inspired by the works of Jacques Tati and channels his subtle, surreal humor. Currently being showcased across the international film festival circuit, the fashion film has already won Best Beauty at A Shaded View on Fashion Film and Best Performance at Buenos Aires International Fashion Film Festival, and was part of the London Fashion Film Festival official selection. 

Menez’ latest work may appear abstract to some, yet the aesthetic remains prominent. As the premium eyewear brand said, “How old you are was your business… How young you look is our business.”


Director: Monica Menez (@monicamenez)
Production Company: Ironic View Production
Director of Photography: Paul Robert Klinar 
Editor: Raquel Caro Nunez (@raquelcaronunez)
Artistic Director: Monica Menez
Stylist: Sanne Rosch
Hair & Make-Up: Suzana Santalab (@suzana_santalab), Sabine Nania (@sabinenania)
Choreographer: Thomas Lempertz (@thomaslempertz)
Composer: Bennet Meyer
Sound Design and Mix: Zhenya Diachek (@zhenyadiachek)

Francesco Brunetti (@francescobrunetti)
Julian Daynov (@julian_daynov)
Nina De Lianin (@ninadelianin)
Luca Fröhlingsdorf
Thomas Lempertz
Sina Röhrich
Zhang Di
Regina Küper
Annika Klinar
Angela Dörler

About Monica Menez

Monica Menez is an award-winning fashion photographer and filmmaker born in Stuttgart, Germany. Following her apprenticeship in commercial photography, she began to work as a press photographer for several international magazines which eventually led her to work on fashion productions. In 2011 she directed her first fashion film Precious, through which she began to develop a unique surreal aesthetic filled with eroticism. Her unconventional work has been featured in publications such as Aesthetica Magazine and Interview Magazine, with selections and awards across international events such as Canon Professional Photo Award, GoSee Award, Berlin Fashion Film Festival and Short Shorts Film Festival Asia.


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