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Campaign Spotlight: “Your Baby’s Dream Never Stops With Pampers” by Serviceplan Korea Shows Diapers from a Baby’s Point of View

Seoul – A unique animated ad for Pampers from Serviceplan Korea, inspired by the fact that Pampers is known in Korean as ‘Night Diaper’, has been launched online in Korea.  The animation shows a baby’s dream where he goes on an adventure in a boat made from his cot, all the while sleeping comfortably wearing a Pampers diaper in his Mother’s arms.  

Sleeping well is extremely important for a baby to grow healthy and happy, and Pampers provide babies with the comfort to enable good sleep. The vision of the spot is to show the emotional benefit of Pampers, and to appeal to Millennial Mums by strengthening the bonding experience and exploring the dreamscape of a baby. 

The campaign was a collaboration between Serviceplan Korea and Serviceplan Ukraine.


Serviceplan Korea created the whole concept and creative and Serviceplan Ukraine was responsible for the production process with the animation studio TPH ONE in Ukraine.

The core benefit of Pampers is that they are soft and dry even after using them overnight, so Pampers is called ‘Night Diaper’ in Korea. In other words, Pampers helps babies to sleep comfortably which supports the happiness of both babies and parents. Yet, this nickname can also cause misconception that the product is for night time. However, babies sleep throughout the day. Therefore, the insight of Serviceplan was to change the nickname to ‘Beauty Sleep Diaper’

“Your Baby’s Dream Never Stops with Pampers” visualises the vision of Pampers, illustrating how Pampers cares for both Mothers and babies, and supports their healthy growth. The spot raises a question: why not look at the experience of wearing Pampers from a baby’s point of view? Inspired by ‘Beauty Sleep Diaper’, Serviceplan illustrated a baby’s dream where he experiences diverse adventures. 

Serviceplan Korea and Ukraine produced an animation to fully visualize ‘baby’s adventure in his dream,’ and successfully delivered the brand message with a beautiful work as a real movie. 

TITLE: Your baby’s dream never stops with Pampers
Commercial Leader: Suraen De Silva
BM: Haejin Han
ABM: Yoojin Jeon

Serviceplan Group:
Global Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill

Serviceplan Korea:
CEO: Julie Kang
Creative Director: Jihyun Seo
Art Director: Eunman Kim
Associate Art Director: Jiho Ahn
Chief Content Officer & Creative Strategist: Jongpil Yoon
Strategy Planning Director: Jiwon Kim
Senior Account Manager: Yujin Ko
Account Manager: Yerim Kim
Account Executive: Sungbae Cho

Serviceplan Ukraine:
Production Company: Serviceplan Ukraine
CEO: Elena Yakovleva
Group Account Director: Andrey Kozachynsky
Creative Director: Igor Klymenko

Managing Director of HoC in Ukraine: Eugen Sokolov
Animation Studio or Production Company: TPH ONE, Ukraine
Music Production: MassiveMusic

Director of Creative Development APAC: Tamon Fujimi
Director: Rick Sakurai
Executive Producer: Junya Terui
International Communications Officer, Serviceplan Group: Lee Sharrock

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