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Team G-Shock and Wieden + Kennedy offer a unique perspective on emerging subcultures

MUMBAI, INDIA — G-SHOCK has launched its follow-up to the Shubman Gill campaign with the new Team G-Shock “Rise Above the Shocks” campaign extension, which features four films that highlight the world of Skateboarding, Rapping, B-boying, and Rally Racing. Each film offers a unique perspective on its subculture, capturing the athletes’ and artists’ passion, dedication, and talent. From the gravity-defying tricks of skateboarders to the raw emotion of rap, the films provide an intimate look at the individuals pushing boundaries and refusing to be constrained by life’s challenges.

Recognizing the importance of supporting these burgeoning subcultures and their participants, G-Shock India aims to foster deeper connections with these communities through these films. By featuring athletes and artists in their endeavors, G-Shock emphasizes the values of determination, creativity, and perseverance that resonate with the brand’s own spirit of resilience.

Harith Noah, India’s highest-ranked Dakar Rally Athlete epitomising the indomitable spirit of

Kapil Batra, National Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy India, commented, It was really exciting to dive deep into the sub-cultures and understand the journey of each artist along with the nuances of each art form. We identified instances from their lives where they demonstrated a strong resolve and rose above the shocks. Each story aligned well with G-shock, a watch so resilient it can withstand any shock. Kudos to our partners, Raylin, and his team for bringing these stories alive in such an authentic manner.”

The Skateboarding Crew, Urban Outlaws, featuring Sagar Waghela, Jay Singh, Nikhil Shelatkarand Kushal Gaikwad, truly symbolise ‘Never Give Up’ spirit with G-SHOCK

Hideki Imai, Managing Director at Casio India, said, “It takes us immense pleasure to launch our follow-up to the ‘Rise Above the Shocks’ campaign with the TEAM G-SHOCK in India. As the brand continues to evolve, it is our steadfast endeavor to support and celebrate the young, talented individuals who fiercely embrace the ‘Never Give Up’ attitude, inspiring Gen Z and Millennials across the country.

Arif Chaudhary (popularly known as Flying Machine), India’s B-Boyer reflecting the fusion of style and resilience.

The TEAM G-SHOCK individuals are the true flagbearers in their respective fields, representing individuality, pushing boundaries, and embracing freedom. We are confident that each individual’s unique talents and stories of resilience and triumph will deeply inspire and connect with the Indian youth, fostering a profound connection between G-SHOCK and its wearers. As TEAM G-SHOCK ventures forth, it embodies the spirit of a rising new India, where fearless spirit meets passion, toughness meets talent, and challenges are conquered with unyielding resolve.”

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