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Globe Telecom, J. Walter Thompson Manila, Celebrate Father on his Day

MANILA – Globe Telecom’s spot for Father’s Day will make you smile in recognition, shed a tear, then call your Dad.

The evocative spot, which runs online up until this Sunday, is aimed at reminding us of all the times Dad made the same old corny jokes, just to make us smile. Running in reverse chronological order, it shows how the impatient response of the young adult and the teenager have replaced the once delighted squeal of a child.

“Your father is the first most important man in your life, “ explains Joe Caliro, Globe Senior Advisor for Creative Marketing and Multimedia Business. “And though your relationship with him may change over the years, that soft spot you have for him often remains. This is the kind of story we love to tell at Globe, because we feel so many people can relate to it and will see the beauty in it. And if it moves them to reach out and thank their fathers  for all the years of great dad jokes, then that’s something wonderful.” 


“Making this Father’s Day film with Globe Telecom meant a lot to the teams who worked on it,” said Brandie Tan, Executive Creative Director of JWT Manila. “Dozens of dad stories were told. And that’s when dad as a goofy guy stood out. That there’s a stage when growing up as a teenager when dad stops being cool. Then as we enter adulthood, we begin to reconnect with dad or our parents, and they become cool again.” The spot ends with the reminder: “For all the years of laughter, he deserves more than one day.”

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