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Hakuhodo Kettle cooks up a storm with ‘Hot Drive’ for JMS

TOKYO – Jms deploys shops for car merchandise and maintenance and released the Web video HOT DRIVE on the official Jms YouTube channel. The Web video HOT DRIVE introduces products designed to make summer driving enjoyable and more comfortable.

NASA announced that 2016 may be the hottest year in the past 130 years of Earth’s history according to the average air temperature to June 1, and maximum in-car temperatures may be as high as approximately 80ºC, which causes a concern for an increase in heat stroke in the car, an annual problem.

The Web video HOT DRIVE reports that in-car temperatures can increase more than expected and demonstrate this by cooking genuine French cuisine using the heat inside the car or from the car body heated by the hot summer sun. The video also introduces products designed to make summer driving enjoyable and more comfortable.


Driving a classic 1973 Toyota Corona Mark II van Deluxe, two French chefs with a dog are heading for the beach in midsummer. They finish setting the table and then take out a pan to finally start cooking. They seem to be cooking French cuisine in the heated car. They boil the ratatouille in the pan via the dashboard and crisp the bacon in the heated foil. Furthermore, they boil corn in water heated by the engine compartment and then bake the bread. The cast-iron pan in the car is heated to the maximum temperature, then they bake the chicken saute and lobster while wiping their sweat, and exhibit flambé!

The young corn for garnish is baked on the heated car roof. In addition, a carrot and a zucchini are cut with the window wiper and power window.

In the final phase of cooking, smoke from the car attracts the attention of people on the beach. Sharing a champagne toast in front of the completed Lucullan French cuisine, they are surprised to see that summer heat creates very hot champagne.

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