MOSCOW – L’ETOILE, one of the largest cosmetics brands in Russia, has adopted a unique way to demonstrate how well its Chantilly foundation can be used to smooth skin and conceal imperfections.

Working with Possible Moscow, the brand is using light to mask the patchy masonry at one of the most popular art spaces in the capital – the Falcon Design Factory.

At night, the installation’s lighting is activated and deactivated showing the difference in the original wall’s construction and texture and how the ‘light’ concealer works to smooth out the surface.

Alexander Shtefanets, copywriter, POSSIBLE Moscow says: “L’Etoile wanted our agency to come up with an unusual project to draw attention to its Chantilly foundation product.  One evening, when I walking the streets, I noticed that facade lighting highlighted all the imperfections on a building’s walls. Light projectors clearly revealed broken bricks and faulty cladding. By using light in another way, through back-lighting, we could smooth out these imperfections, just like Chantilly foundation.”

Alexander, adds:  “The Falcon Design Factory was chosen because it is a popular venue with Moscow’s youth, with many parties and exhibitions being held there. By carrying out our stunt here, we can simultaneously reach the brand’s key demographic and present this installation as a type of street-art, fitting perfectly with the environment.”  

Gromnitskaya Alena, director of public relations, L’Etoile, concludes: “We wanted to inform consumers about the benefits of Chantilly concealer and demonstrate as a brand, that we are willing to do this in creative ways.  POSSIBLE Moscow was the ideal partner in this activation because of their history in working with thought-provoking ideas.”