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Little Hearts Foundation partners with TBWASri Lanka to save the beautiful hearts of Sri Lankan children

COLOMBO – Thousands of children with heart diseases in Sri Lanka do not have timely access to treatment due to the limited capacity at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH).

Little Hearts is a nationwide campaign launched to raise Rs 2 billion for the expansion of LRH’s capacity to treat all critically ill children in need of its services. Given the number of lives this project is expected to save, Little Hearts has become one of the largest fundraisers in the country.

Working with TBWA\Sri Lanka, Little Hearts Foundation wanted to steer away from the conventional donation pleas that deemed the heart as a mere organ. A child’s heart is said to be pure and beautiful, so TBWA adapted this thought in the creation of a short film.


With an emotional song, the film depicts the unbearable wait these children must endure when their beautiful heart has a hole.

Thousands of Sri Lankans have advocated and donated to Little Hearts Foundation, creating much-needed conversations and awareness around the lack of treatment for these critically ill children.

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