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Melbourne Holocaust Museum marks new chapter with a brand refresh by CHEP Network

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — The Melbourne Holocaust Museum has unveiled its new brand identity, designed in partnership with CHEP Network.  

The museum, formerly the Jewish Holocaust Centre, was renamed and redeveloped in April and is now open to the public, with a vision to ignite visitors’ sense of humanity, kindness, and bravery through the voices of survivors. 

Inspired by this vision, the refreshed identity is made up of fragments, representing both the fragmentation of Jewish life after the Holocaust and, importantly, the survivors dedicated to piecing fragmented lives back together in Australia. 


Missing elements symbolize the six million Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust, while the remaining fragments symbolize the survivors who came together to rebuild their families and communities, carrying fragments of their culture, memories, and knowledge to the museum, showing that kindness and hope can prevail.  

At the heart of the brand mark is the Star of David, a powerful reminder of Jewish identity throughout history. 

“Holocaust survivors founded our museum almost forty years ago, and we are honored to continue to carry their legacy,” said Melbourne Holocaust Museum Chief Executive Officer Jayne Josem. “CHEP’s design aids our responsibility to pass on the lessons of the Holocaust to the next generation, embedded with hope and strength to build a brighter future.” 

CHEP Network National Head of Design Christian Hewitt said, “We are honored to have been invited to support the team in developing a new identity. We hope that this work can contribute to the Melbourne Holocaust Museum’s critical mission of educating and empowering its visitors.”  
​​CHEP Network Managing Director Jonny Berger added, “Everyone at CHEP couldn’t be prouder of this work. It has personal significance for me, and I’d like to dedicate this project to the memory of my Grandparents and the millions of others murdered during the Holocaust. We thank the Melbourne Holocaust Museum for inviting us to apply creativity to help this important Australian institution. Their mission has never been more necessary.” 

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