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Myntra celebrates Pongal with stunning light show, Palich Palich Pongal

TAMIL NADU, INDIA — To break through the festive season frenzy in Tamil Nadu for Myntra, creative agency Talented conceptualized “Palich Palich Pongal,” a first-of-its-kind OOH using light art. Light art has been an underrated art form traditionally associated with festivals. These animated installations were the OG GIFs before GIFs took over the internet. Think thousands of small lights weaved together to create giant installations depicting icons.

These installations were designed and built from scratch with native artisans of Tamil Nadu who have been guardians of this genre of art for decades. Throwing more light on the elaborate process, Shruthi Nandgopal, Katha Chithram Productions said, “It usually takes 20 days to complete one light artwork. It blew our minds to see a man in his sixties effortlessly sketch this out while constructing the base structure for the light strings. It has been an incredible experience bringing this to life in the city and for the city I call home.”

Spot these lit-up OOH artworks at Rohini Theatre, Koyambedu, Woods Road, and T.Nagar. Shining in all their glory through the week of Pongal celebrations, these installations look so good, that you almost feel bad it’s not a national campaign. The brand also released a promo film to let the rest of the nation get a glimpse of its luminous brilliance.


Kejal Parekh, Associate Director of Marketing at Myntra said, “While we’re seeing festival-led regional advertising get more cluttered, we wanted to meaningfully engage with Pongal and the local population. Fashion-forward & culture-first, this was our ode to the unique fashion of the region. With Palich Palich Pongal, we hope we have spread the light of new fashion this Pongal.

Samyu Murali, Creative and Balaji Padmanabhan, Strategy at Talented, added, “Both of us have grown up in TN, seeing light art in all its glory over the years. To relook at it as an all-new advertising medium almost felt like creative serendipity. It’s interactive, yet not digital. Hacking both celebrity culture and festive culture in one go… with an OST created from scratch.”

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