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STAYC pays tribute to role models with Spotify K-Pop ON! single

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — K-Pop “TEENFRESH” pioneers STAYC released their Spotify K-Pop ON! (온) Single featuring their rendition of “FANCY” by TWICE. It’s the final of three Spotify-exclusive covers produced and released as part of the platform’s K-Pop ON! (온) First Crush campaign, which invites listeners to celebrate a shared passion for K-Pop as they reminisce about the first artists who ignited their love for the genre.

Launched in commemoration of the anniversary of K-Pop ON! (온) – Spotify’s global genre flagship playlist dedicated to bringing millions of listeners around the world K-Pop’s very best, the K-Pop ON! (온) First Crush campaign serves as a testament to how the genre touches lives, spreads positivity and unites listeners. Since its inception in 2014, the playlist has amassed over 5.3 million saves by Spotify users worldwide, transcending regional boundaries, languages, and cultures, and racking up billions of streams for Korean artists.

For STAYC, their Spotify K-Pop ON! (온) Single is both a tribute to TWICE, whom they regard as role models, and a trip down memory lane to their pre-debut days. Originally released back in 2019, TWICE’s “FANCY” quickly became one of the members’ most loved songs at the time, and one they’d practice in the studio as trainees. 


Now, STAYC comes full circle with “Fancy—Spotify Singles,” which features an R&B twist on the 2019 electro-pop hit. In their cover, SUMIN, SIEUN, ISA, SEEUN, YOON, and J showcase their falsetto, performing the song at a more laidback pace while delivering the sophistication and playfulness of the iconic track. 

“We’re really excited to be working with Spotify to bring SWITHs (our fans) our rendition of a song that we as a group hold dear. We’ve always loved and respected TWICE growing up, and FANCY, in particular, has given us many fond memories of our days as trainees. It’s a peek into the soundtrack of our journey as K-Pop artists and fans ourselves, and we hope SWITHs will enjoy our cover and join us in celebrating our First K-Pop Crush!” said STAYC.

On March 20, Spotify will take you behind the scenes for a peek into the Making of STAYC’s Spotify K-Pop ON! (온) Single.

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