A new campaign devised by Grey Malaysia introduces Ombak by Coway, a new water purifier that has been specially made to cater for the diverse needs of the modern Malaysian family.

Using the concept of ‘Water made the Malaysian way’ – the campaign uses an innovative hand-crafted paper-cut technique to take the viewer on a ‘journey through a glass’ to showcase all of the diverse situations and temperatures that the new machine can cater for.

Ombak, Water Made the Malaysian Way

The number one Air and Water purifier brand in both Korea and Malaysia, Coway specially designed OMBAK for the large Malaysian family – with a large family-sized capacity of 13.5 litres, 8 pre-set temperatures for all your practical daily needs (including the ideal temperature for tea, coffee, soft-boiled eggs and warming breast milk), and up to 50 combination settings overall. Leading a new wave in water technology with a unique level of personalisation.

To convey the unique versatility of the new machine, Grey Malaysia turned to local graffiti artist and illustrator Kenji Chai, whose distinctive visual style embedded OMBAK’s local-at-heart identity.  The swirling visual technique depicts a series of layered swirls of water, each containing the typical elements of different family needs and water temperatures.

Says Ryan Jung, Coway Spokesperson ‘We have been an integral part of the Malaysian family home for many, many years.  We visit thousands of homes every day and Ombak is symbolic of our understanding of just what Malaysian families need for a happy, healthy home”

Working with production company Think Tank, Kenji’s illustrations were printed onto textured paper, then each layer meticulously cut to form separate elements giving it realistic depth. These layers were then brought to life via stop motion animation. The film was treated with a mesmerising swirl and set against a poetic narration of a family’s daily routine, expressing the beauty of water that we often take for granted.  Says Grey Malaysia ECD Graham Drew. ‘Computers can do incredible things, but there is still no substitute for the look and feel created by the real thing.   The team worked some long hours with the papercuts, but the results speak for themselves.’

The fully integrated campaign, in multiple languages, will be launched across print, digital and TV and other touch points including digital and static OOH, cinema, social and radio.

Each of these hand-drawn illustrations in their paper-cut form are also available as limited edition postcards – now available to order on coway.com.my/Ombak.