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Xia Vigor joins growing Jollibee family in new ad from Publicis JimenezBasic

MANILA – “Whenever I hear ‘Jollibee,’ I think of being happy,” said the seven-year-old Xia Vigor, the newest celebrity endorser joining the ever-growing Jollibee family. “And the Jolly Spaghetti, kasi sweet-sarap eh.”

The actress and performer, seen in TV hits such as Langit Lupa and Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids (YFSF Kids), is also the star of the latest Jolly Spaghetti TV commercial that began airing last March 26, 2017. The ad shows the adorable Xia enjoying her favorite sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti.


“The Jolly Spaghetti has always been an equalizer of sorts for Pinoy kids from different generations and walks of life,” said Kent Mariano, Jollibee Marketing AVP for Flagship Category. “This is the Pinoy spaghetti that brings out the jolly kid in kids and those who are kids at heart. Xia, one of the Filipino children whose taste buds and hearts were captivated by the Jolly Spaghetti, perfectly captures that unforgettable sweet-sarap feeling of indulging in a classic favorite.”

“Super thankful po ako to be part of the Jollibee family,” said Xia. “And nag enjoy ako shooting the commercial, because I learned something new. They taught me how to eat the Jolly Spaghetti na walang nalalaglag sa fork!”

Sweet-sarap favorite

Jollibee pioneered the sweet-style spaghetti and became gold standard for this kind of spaghetti,The brand took all the basic elements of a spaghetti dish and elevated it into a treat that Pinoys will definitely love. The rich tomato taste combined with the right sweetness brings out the tamis-linamnam goodness. Generous amounts of beefy and juicy hotdog slices are added in for a filling meal. Finally, creamy shreds of cheese are sprinkled on top to complete the Jolly Spaghetti.

Among the biggest fans of the Jolly Spaghetti is Xia, who, despite the massive attention and global headlines she received over the last few months, remains to be like any Pinoy child.

“I like swimming and watching movies with my Mommy and kuya,” she said. “Mommy also tells us stories like fairy tales and I make my own endings!”

“And I’m happy that there’s Jollibee everywhere,” gushed Xia. “Even when I wasn’t in showbiz yet, Jollibee is my favorite. I always want to eat there and share my favorite Jolly Spaghetti with my Mommy, kuya, and my cousins. Those happy family moments are the best.”

“I love it because sweet-sarap talaga and it has a lot of hotdog and cheese. Sana more kids like me will keep eating and enjoy the Jolly Spaghetti!” she concluded.

Enjoy the best-tasting, sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti for only P50.00 solo and P55.00 for the Value Meal with drink. Available in all Jollibee stores nationwide and through #8-7000 Jollibee Delivery.

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