Campaign Spotlight: WWF and Oniria TBWA present the full case of the fashion collection made with patterns and colors linked to global warming effects

ASUNCIÓN, PARAGUAY — World fashion industry generates more CO2 emissions than all commercial flights and cargo ships combined.

In this context, and considering that climate change is one of its global objectives, the World Conservation Organization decided to hack into the codes of this industry and create pieces that are not only beautiful or showy, but also relevant globally.


In collaboration with Paraguayan agency Oniria TBWA, the WWF developed a collection inspired by Berkeley Earth‘s graphs of scientific data, using patterns and colors linked to global warming effects, to take action and promote responsible consumption, as well as raising awareness and making known that fast fashion waste (collections by season) is in second place as the cause of global warming.

The result was the “Global Warming Collection”, eight unique pieces of design that came to revolutionize the universe of sustainable fashion. The dresses were created by Emma Viedma from elements recycled by the textile company Texciclo.

The designer said that she was inspired by the monitoring of the Berkeley Earth Institute on the progressive increase in global warming in the world: “Its movements, waves and ups and downs were stamped through pieces of colors. I sought to express feelings of coldness, warmth, as well as visual disorders and explosions.”

She also added that after the crisis caused by COVID-19, she decided to explore a new fashion and art formula, reusing previous collections and creating garments of durable materials so that the “Global Warming Collection” is much simpler and more durable in the world.

Lucy Aquino, WWF-Paraguay Country Director, said: “We need responsible consumption to become a trend. We hope that people understand how important their purchasing decisions are, given this, the three elements of sustainability: economic, environmental and social, allow us to responsibly analyze our actions, demanding information about the purchase”.

The pieces from the Global Warming Collection were exhibited in a virtual gallery and auctioned. The proceeds went to the support network for settlements, for the “Hygiene Points” project to be carried out by Habitat, Techo and Oca to help fight COVID-19.



Agency: Oniria\TBWA

CCO: Camilo Guanes

Creative Directors: Andrea Ferreira, Najib Brozón

Creative team: Paloma Cella, Marcelo Rodriguez, Vidal Delgado, Manuel Rolón

Art direction: Nathalie Pera, Santiago Valdez

Design: Santiago Valdez, Juanma Cabarcos

General Account Direction: Yamile Miserlian

General Production: Maria Paula Jara

Audiovisual Direction: Juanma López Moreira

Data provider: Berkeley Earth

Design: Emma Viedma (Pierrot)

Client: WWF Paraguay

Client Responsable: Lucy Aquino

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