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Design: Design for Tomorrow rebrands vegan ice cream brand Kind Kones to make kindness look fun

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Kind Kones started four years ago, with a small ice cream machine. But the Malaysia-based vegan ice cream brand has evolved: it launched the country’s first all-natural plant-based frozen dessert shop and showing off a colorful rebrand that highlights being kind, authentic, and inclusive — in a way that makes these principles not just good, but fun and accessible.

Kind Kones was founded on the principle that being kind to one’s health is also being kind to the planet and animals. Today, the brand operates two outlets in Malaysia and three in Singapore. It wears its philosophy on its sleeve, with the phrase “be kind” right above its new logo. Along with the new logo, it revealed new packaging and a fresh product range as part of the extensive rebranding initiative to reflect its current position and offering to the market.

“This marks a momentous time forward for us where we look ahead with our new branding and the new opening of the store in a neighborhood community mall,” said Ishpal Bajaj, co-founder of Kind Kones.


The new look was executed by Filipino design agency Design for Tomorrow, led by Ric Gindap. The 13-month collaboration began in 2021: brand and agency together embarked on a series of discovery discussions to galvanize Kind Kones’ foundations, brand pillars, and touchpoints. The main challenge was the brand packaging: How could Kind Kones stand out from the niche vegan category, and expand its market to supermarket shoppers?

Design For Tomorrow also needed to marry the luxury associated with vegan ice cream to the playful, inclusive philosophy of the brand. The redesigned packaging utilizes a bespoke wordmark with elements that draw from leaves to achieve an organic quality that hints at the plant-based nature of the product. The pastel color palette is fun and playful while calm, aligned with the brand values of a cool sense of kindness. Design For Tomorrow also suggested a new approach in visual direction, facilitating the creation of an evolved positioning statement, designed a suite of new collaterals, and guided the application of the new designs through a proper brand book.

Ishpal & Serina Bajaj, Founders of Kind Kones

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Ric and the team on the rebrand of Kind Kones,” said Serina Bajaj, co-founder of Kind Kones. “They were incredibly patient and were able to match our vision in a completely bespoke manner. They took the time to listen to our ideas but also brought fresh ideas to the table along with their experience and creativity. Despite being geographically separated, it was a seamless experience and the end result exceeded our expectations. I’d highly recommend Ric and his team!”

The new branding will be rolled out over the coming weeks across Singapore and Malaysia, with a brand new website to follow. The new improved site will be an enhanced experience for customers to place orders for delivery.

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