Design: INSTNT season 3 capsule collection “VAST”, an ode to nature, change and movement

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Capturing the magnetic forces of nature – from undulating dunes to cresting waves of the sea, INSTNT explores a new chapter of change and movement in its newest collection, aptly titled “Vast.”

In its story of muted tones, the capsule feature explores the definition of “vastness” – one that is both rooted as a romantic ode to Mother Nature and an exploration of depth and beyond of what is simply seen.

“s3 is a movement and a mindset that pushes individuals to look beyond the surface level,” explains the INSTNT team behind the brand’s evolved collection. “We originally thought of the ocean and Mother Nature in creating this collection. When people think about nature, they usually consider how it looks but never what happens within. We wanted to go beyond that. We want to explain that the ocean isn’t just blue, but that it’s an ecosystem as a whole community that sustains everyone within that environment.”


The collection – which consists of 6 simple yet contemporary ensembles – reflects the young label’s unique design perspective and their response to the times.

s3 – through its calming color range of moon brown, moon grey, midnight blue, and misibis blue – brings comfort and freedom, allowing the wearer uninhibited movement while offering a clean slate to play up their unique and original styles.

Versatility is at the core of this collection with individual pieces designed to be perfect complements.

Just like in nature, there is a beautiful and organic subtlety conveyed through the harmonious weaving of colors, textures, and silhouettes. “Every collection that we create is a multi-sensory experience and every piece that we make is not just a product; it is considered an art piece.

“We achieve this by not only by focusing on creating physical, visual art, but art that you can hear, feel, and live through.”.

For more information on INSTNT and to check out the complete s3 collection, follow INSTNT’s official social media accounts: @instnt.clo on Instagram and INSTNT Clothing Co. on Facebook.

Photoshoot Credits:
Produced by: Next Theory @nexttheory
Creative Direction: Brent Javier @brentjavier
Photographer: Jeff Ong @iamjeffong
BTS Photos: Julian Reyes @julianxreyes
Shoes: The Nines @the_ninesph and Timberland @timberlandph
Set Design: W/M Supply Studio @wmsupplystudio
Stylist: Lyn Alumno @lynalumno
HMUA: @leigneb
Models: @carloleezy @jasmineumali
Studio: @oddspaceph
Special Thanks to: Tierra of @tierraplants

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