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Design: Turf launches its first-ever showroom with fully immersive sound experience for NeoCon 2022

CHICAGO, USA – Acoustics solutions company Turf opened its first showroom at theMART (Showroom 1042) for NeoCon 2022, the world’s leading platform in commercial design, following its recent rebranding and the announcement of its new exclusive color palette, Hues. The showroom, designed by renowned global firm HDR, puts the spotlight on Turf’s ability to reshape the future of acoustic design.

“The product is fascinating because it’s functional, but it looks great. Acoustic design is not given enough love, and is often one of the first items that get scrapped when project budget cuts are made. With Turf, designers can advocate for a 2-in-1 product that performs as an acoustic treatment and a decorative element,” said Paula Francisco, HDR Interior Design Coordinator.

“The design team was engaged to create a showroom, but the final space really ended up behaving more like an experience center. That kind of approach was much more appropriate to really showcase the potential and capabilities of an acoustic material. A blurb outside the space invites people to ‘the quietest place at Neocon,’ and it really became a place of respite in the middle of such a busy event.”


The approximately 4,000 square-foot space bolsters Turf’s wide array of acoustic solutions and clearly demonstrates how specifiers are utilized to design welcoming spaces.

“With solutions throughout every room, offering a unique experience in every corner, designers and architects can now experience the aural and visual qualities of the solutions they can use for future projects,” said Turf  President Rob Perri. “We worked extensively with HDR to create a memorable, immersive experience that explores  all the ways Turf can enhance any space.”

The showroom demonstrates how each design solution performs in different settings. The space is divided into themed rooms that guide the visitor through a sensory experience that helps them understand the connections between sight, sound, smell, and proprioception. The Extremes room is packed with bold and saturated colors, demonstrating the extents of Turf’s baffle depths; the Textures room, with subtle tones, highlighting the soothing textures; Turf’s workshop provides a space for collaboration with specifiers — regardless of the room’s theme, Turf’s showroom offers an in-depth look at the functionality and impact of its purposeful acoustic solutions. 

HDR Design Director Elizabeth Von Lehe, ASID added, “Because Turf proves itself as a pioneer of artful acoustic solutions, our main goal was to design a showroom that complements the brand’s dynamic identity. After many  visits to the showroom and brainstorming sessions with collaborators, we were finally able to envision and create a  showroom that will captivate visitors visually and engage all their senses with Turf’s solutions from the first step in.”

The showroom was designed with the new Hues palette in mind. Offering the first look at Hues — a project the brand invested over two years of development — each room and product showcases one of the 32 brand-exclusive colors. From outside of the showroom, visitors are greeted with a product showcase room lined with Turf’s Grasshopper and Topo Green before walking through colorful rooms of varying tones including Cyan, Blush, and Rob’s Merlot.

The products featured in the showroom emphasize Turf’s versatility and range of acoustic solutions. From ceiling to wall and baffles to tiles, featured products include: Contour Reed, Reveal, Freeform Beam, Metro, Scanlines, Plate, Swell, Torrent Wall Wall Tiles Iris (NEW), Arbor, and Slab.

Turf also partnered with a number of companies and teams to design and build out its showroom.

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