Design: WickedGud collaborates with Elephant Design for ‘healthy’ business

PUNE, INDIA — “100 Percent Nourishment” enters the food market with healthy twist. The founders have recently collaborated with Elephant Design to develop the entire brand’s vision and dream into reality. While the general market of pasta is considered as unhealthy, WickedGud, with a “100 Percent Nourishment” core philosophy, partners with Elephant to provide the same taste and a better experience in a healthier way.

Kedar Parundekar, Vice President, Business & Strategy, Elephant Design

Commenting on the design, Kedar Parundekar, Vice President, Business & Strategy, Elephant Design said, “The goals set by Elephant for the brand was to distinguish their products online and on the shelf with the credibility of nutrition and playfulness of snacks. The team at Elephant developed a paradoxical name for the brand: WickedGud, which worked on strong connotations of taste, wicked referring to the category of junk-ish food, and playful nourishment– it’s good for you! The brand aims to provide both nutrition and taste without compromising on any front and we showcased this through the design and brand messaging.”

The packaging design of WickedGud echoed transformative, fun, vibrant elements that challenged the conventional category norms. The visual identity and language were developed to be interactive, with an attitude of confidence. The design philosophy also naturally lends itself to infinite possibilities on social media and create arresting marketing campaigns for the target audience.

Bhuman Dani, Founder & CEO, WickedGud

Commenting on the collaboration, Bhuman Dani, Founder & CEO, WickedGud said, “The core of what we are building at WickedGud is transformation – whether it is the product, the persona or the communication. Elephant Design helped us bring this philosophy to life with a unique nomenclature – an oxymoron that juxtaposes two extreme worlds and a revolutionary packaging created with rare neonic colours that literally has no “back of pack” but rather two “front of packs” – thereby showcasing transparency and honesty to our consumers. They’re not just a design firm for us but rather a business transformation partner, who have wonderfully transformed our vision and dream into reality. Absolutely bullish and proud to have them on board for the rest of our journey!”

With 32 years of unparalleled experience, Elephant is a design-led strategic consultancy that collaborates with organisations to develop meaningful and sustainable brands. Elephant Design has also created other successful start-up brand personas like Paper Boat, Epigamia, Too Yumm, to create a deep connection with their customers.

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