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Heritage shoe and bag brand Mendrez gets rebrand from Design for Tomorrow

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Design For Tomorrow has recently played a pivotal role in rebranding Mendrez Shoes & Bags, which is in the process launching new pop-up stores throughout the Philippines.

Design For Tomorrow collaborated with Mendrez to refresh its overall branding, leading to a new look for the iconic Philippine shoe brand after six decades. From the new emblematic M logo to its use of earthier color tones, the revitalized Mendrez brand is a premium reimagining for the contemporary age. In an age of relentless trend-following, Mendrez has evolved into a beacon of timeless, classic Filipino elegance that transcends generations, coined as “Generation Anywear.” Anchored on the idea of “The Filipino Touch,” the revitalized Mendrez is poised to become a modern, heritage brand – rooted in the past, yet ready for the future.

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To round it all together, the brand partnered with up-and-coming interior design studio SIGLO Interior Design Studio for Mendrez’s biophilic retail design. Select stores will feature a cafe component – inviting shoppers to experience Mendrez community values first-hand. The first store of its kind opened in SM City Cebu earlier this year.


“We are thrilled to express our gratitude to Design For Tomorrow for their exceptional work in rebranding Mendrez. From the initial consultation to the final implementation, the team at Design For Tomorrow demonstrated a profound understanding of our brand’s essence and values,” said Liza and Alia San Diego, Mendrez’s President and General Manager, respectively.

They furthered, “Their creativity and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the rebranding process. They seamlessly blended modern aesthetics with the timeless charm of Mendrez, resulting in a fresh and captivating identity. We are genuinely grateful for their expertise, dedication, and the passion they brought to this project. Design For Tomorrow has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping the next chapter of Mendrez.”

This is only one of Design For Tomorrow’s branding and design work for homegrown brands. The creative consultancy is also behind the branding of two local start-ups in Cocopan, a neighborhood bakery, and Reseta, a community pharmacy which has just opened in Malolos, Bulacan. Elsewhere, the newly Singapore-registered company has made a global impact in cities such as Tokyo, Munich, Vienna, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Pretoria.

For the past 13 years, Design For Tomorrow’s signature style has been marked by timeless sophistication and branding co-crafted in collaboration with its clients. Moving forward, the collective continues to work with projects underpinning by its philosophy of “Vision Articulation®.” Design For Tomorrow has established prominence in Placemaking, or the delicate art of crafting spaces into living narratives. Recently completed luxury property development projects include Eluria (Arthaland), The Observatory (FNG / Federal Land + Nomura Real Estate), and Velaris Residences (RHK / Robinsons Land + Hong Kong Land).

Design For Tomorrow’s sibling is Spruce Gallery, an independent magazine store and art gallery in Ortigas that recently celebrated its opening salvo this past March. Both companies act as creative outlets for its shared team on their mutual quest for expression.

Read the full Mendrez case study here.

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