MBC Media Group makes new waves with new logo

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Manila Broadcasting Company relaunched itself as MBC Media Group, debuting its new branding last February 06, 2024, at the Aliw Theater in Pasay City. The change ushers in a new era of media that serves the Filipino audience.

The company’s new logo and visual identity were commissioned to Organic Intelligence Consulting, with the designs showcasing a fresh declaration of future endeavors while at the same time paying homage to the history of MBC Media Group’s foundations.

This bold new look is indeed a jump from the previous logo form, which resembled an outline of a comet with a serif MBC inside. The new icon is more modern, with a sleek sans serif three-line MBC MEDIA GROUP.


Now in its fourth iteration in 89 years, the new logo features ellipses that symbolize sound waves, an homage to radio’s original business. Its growing form also shows MBC’s vision of gaining a wider reach.

The icon’s whole circle is formed by six parts, symbolizing six segments of the business: radio, TV, promotions, talents, events, and digital.

From MBC’s presser: “The brand mark is rendered to show fluidity, mirroring MBS as it evolves and adapts to the present and the future.”

One of the illusions that show fluidity is that the logo’s colors look like it has a gradient blue, but it is actually flat and color-blocked in a way that makes it appear to be gradually going into deeper focus as it goes smaller.

This new look is indeed a more dynamic venture in itself, representing a new era with its design and direction.

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