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Territory Studio’s Marti Romances on the limitless interfaces of the next generation

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — With extended reality (XR) making its way into mainstream film, entertainment, and advertising channels, there is no doubt that the future of storytelling and design looks more creative, immersive, and innovative.

This year’s Graphika Manila featured its most comprehensive and diverse lineup to date. One company making breakthroughs with future-facing designs is Territory Studio, an international multidisciplinary boutique design agency with offices in London, Barcelona, Munich, and San Francisco. The agency works with many of the world’s leading filmmakers, studios, and brands across various verticals to produce amazing content for film, television, commercial, and experiential.

Representing Territory Studio at Graphika was Marti Romances, its creative director and co-founder who is based in San Francisco. Marti draws from a range of disciplines to design breakout content for memorable gaming experiences. A motion graphic designer and multimedia artist by trade, Marti articulates stories in a most captivating way, blending creativity with technology to realize innovative future-facing interfaces.


Marti’s technical virtuosity is on display in fantasy, futuristic, and commercial projects, including visual and experiential narratives that define the future of film. For instance, Territory Studio’s work on the 2017 cyberpunk film Ghost in the Shell portrayed innovative possibilities in the future of outdoor advertising and digital products.

Other works from the studio also brought life to futuristic interfaces for machines and robots, as portrayed in the action film Pacific Rim.

In adobo Magazine’s exclusive interview with Marti, he shared that he gets inspiration outside of his respective industry. “I try to look at other areas like architecture for shapes, I also like to look at seas and marine life; as corals can bring interesting design concepts.”

As a result, the studio’s future-facing work attracted brands such as GM, Fisker, Land Rover, and Volvo, all seeking design influence for use in real-world technology.

For those who missed his talk, Marti shared some bits of advice with adobo: “Diversification is key. If you have a skillset for design, you could apply this to different industries — it could be applied to films, games, as well as digital and brand products.”

Marti left us with his foresight on the next big thing for experiential technology: “Telepresence is one of the things that I look forward to. It’s going to be very interesting — once you can actually have a full suit and have a real-time digital and/or robotic presence, that’s gonna change a lot of industries. Surgeons can operate remotely, so can other workers. Our technology is getting smarter, and we’re ready for that.”

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