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Brand & Business: GOMO is changing the game for one million unstoppable customers

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — While the COVID-19 pandemic put much of our lives on pause over the past year, in many ways, our true Filipino spirit has pushed us to adapt and find ways to thrive. Fans of the all-digital telco brand GOMO in particular have been unstoppable, embracing innovative ways of going all out with their data.

Less than a year since its launch, GOMO has grown its network to over one million customers who harness the power of digital with data, to keep them pushing forward everyday, chasing their passions, and breaking through the hurdles that stand between them and the experiences they desire. GOMO celebrates them as the “Unstoppables.”


GOMO’s unstoppable users are taking full advantage of the telco’s game-changing solution of large data allocations that never expire. With a fully-digital GOMO app, they are empowered to do everything–from buying their SIM, registering to a promo, tracking their data, getting help, paying for services, and even converting their spare data, called “Mo Creds,” to currency they can use to buy anything they please. With 30GB data that doesn’t expire at an affordable price of just P299, and with no need to reload or pay monthly telco bills, they live a worry-free life. 

GOMO users also enjoy epic perks and exclusive experiences— from the first-ever #WeDontStop online concert featuring 88rising; to streetwear collaborations with DBTK (Don’t Blame The Kids Apparel Co.); to turning GBs into raffle tickets; and UNLI data offers and Flash Deals— GOMO continues to be the perfect digital lifestyle enabler, bringing game-changing experiences that make its users more unstoppable.

Getting to know the Unstoppables

With much data in their hands powered by both 4G and 5G, it’s no wonder that GOMO’s unstoppable customers have grown to 1 Million strong, each of them continuing to take the reins of life with easy access to digital platforms that fuel their creativity, productivity, entertainment, safety, and convenience—surpassing twice as much average monthly data usage as other telco brands.

  • They love their unstoppable connection, and they can’t get enough of entertainment and creativity – Pandemic or not, GOMO users get their fix of fun by staying connected on different online platforms with 9 out of 10 of them using data for social media, 7 out of 10 on gaming apps, and 8 out of 10 on video streaming sites. They unstop creativity and stave off boring moments through content sharing on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.
  • They are determined to be unstoppably productive – The Unstoppables do not let hurdles hamper their goal to achieve more at work and at play. 7 out of 10 customers use GOMO to access their Gmail accounts, 8 out of 10 watch videos on YouTube for upskilling or relaxation, and 7 out of 10 access Garena to unleash their competitiveness through gaming. They also use GCash regularly for cashless transactions, as well as Shopee and Lazada for online purchases—maximizing the convenience and security of using digital platforms to accomplish their responsibilities and needs.
  • They insist on unstoppable freedom – Since embracing GOMO’s innovations, users have been unstoppable in utilizing their data with as much freedom as they want with 3.6 million ‘Mo Creds transactions and over 1.4 million GBs converted since the brand’s launch.

“GOMO celebrates this unstoppable force that we see in all our customers, who use the power of their data to drive their lives forward. Our vision is that our data allows them all to achieve that awesome, unbridled life they dream of, that’s productive and meaningful even amidst the many challenges we all face today,” said Don Laudencia, Marketing Director for GOMO. “We will continue to support them with game-changing solutions and services that are best-in-class so that they can continue to be unstoppable.”

GOMO is set to launch more initiatives to give back to its loyal customers. Join the one-million-strong GOMO Fam by visiting to get your sim, and be one of the Unstoppables.

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