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Bumble launches Deception Detector, an AI-powered shield against spam, scam, and fake profiles

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — To mark Safer Internet Day, online dating and networking app Bumble has announced its latest feature, Deception Detector, building on its decade-long priority of building kind, safe, and authentic connections. Deception Detector uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help identify spam, scam, and fake profiles, aiming to take action before members even see them. Within the first two months of the technology’s introduction, Bumble saw member reports of spam, scams, and fake accounts reduced by 45%.

Research from Bumble shows that globally, respondents cited fake profiles and the risk of scams as their top concerns when online dating.* Almost half of the women (46%) surveyed expressed anxiety over the authenticity of their online matches on dating apps**. This concern and anxiety can lead people to miss out on meaningful connections that can positively impact their lives.

Deception Detector introduces a fast, reliable machine learning-based model to assess the authenticity of profiles and connections on Bumble Inc.’s platforms. Of those accounts identified as spam/scam profiles, Bumble’s testing showed that Deception Detector supported blocking 95% of these accounts automatically. This automated and AI-based technology is used in conjunction with dedicated human support to prioritize a safe and empowering community.


Lidiane Jones, CEO at Bumble, stated, “In recent years, the online landscape has evolved significantly, and we see a growing concern about authenticity. Bumble Inc. was founded to build equitable relationships and empower women to make the first move, and Deception Detector is our latest innovation as part of our ongoing commitment to our community to help ensure that connections made on our apps are genuine.”

“With a dedicated focus on women’s experience online, we recognize that in the AI era, trust is more paramount than ever. We are being thoughtful about how to best use new models to reduce the anxiety of making connections and support our community, with AI standing as a main area of focus.”

This release is the latest from Bumble’s AI innovations across its products, building on the company’s extensive history of combating misogyny, harassment, and toxicity online. The company previously introduced other detection capabilities, such as Private Detector, an industry-first feature that utilizes AI to detect and blur lewd nude images and was one of the first dating apps to utilize AI for photo verification. Recently, Bumble has introduced Best Bees, an AI algorithm that provides a higher level of curation for members, while Bumble For Friends has AI-powered conversation starters to provide members with a tailored, meaningful message when reaching out to a new connection.

Bumble was also a founding member and the first dating app to join forces with the Partnership on AI, reinforcing the company’s focus on responsible technology. Deception Detector has been rolled out across Bumble, Badoo, and Bumble For Friends.

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