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Digital: AB InBev and The Juju present ‘The Partners’ Legacy,’ a 252 NFTs collection created for each partner

MEXICO — AB InBev, one of the world leaders in consumer packaged goods (CPGs), is also one of the most innovative companies across its whole operation. In order to make a tangible statement of its transformation, as well as inspiring the regional leaders to create a future with more cheers, AB InBev MAZ (Middle Americas Zone) presented “The Partners’ Legacy” where 252 NFTs were granted to each of the 252 partners in the region, as a special gift that honors the importance of each of them for the company. The collection was revealed at the Leadership Performance Change meeting, where all the regional partners were gathered to discuss the company’s strategy.

To create this collection, AB InBev and the creative agency The Juju México collaborated with the Colombian artist Caro Amaya. Each NFT is an original artwork, using each partner’s fingerprint as a base, and working around colors and shapes that reflect the personality and tastes of each partner. So this makes each NFT a permanent and unique piece of digital art. The NFTs work also as their digital IDs to access benefits and gifts.


“For us, partners are fundamental pillars in the company. We were looking for a really different gift for them. Something that reflects each one’s personality and our company’s essence at the same time. We are very happy with the outcome. We worked closely with The Juju and the result was beyond our expectations, we allowed ourselves to think big and set a trend,” said Thiago Porto, VP de People de AB InBev Middle Americas.

Paula Medina Rivero, Managing Director at The Juju México said, “We knew we had to go for something different since we got the brief. Something as innovative as everything AB Inbev is doing nowadays. A client with such an innovative mindset challenges us all the time, and we love that . We are proud to work alongside them in projects like this.”

The 252 artworks gallery is open in a virtual gallery located in the metaverse, to anyone who wants to click here.

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