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Digital: Get ready for “QMK 1 Million Peso Drop” with Megan and Mikael Daez, DJ Loonyo, Matthaois, Joyce Pring, Kimpoy Feliciano, and more!

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — It’s time to brush up on your trivia knowledge and gameshow skills, because kumu’s Quiz Mo Ko (QMK) is about to put up a 1 million peso cash prize. That’s right, with some smarts and a little dash of luck, gameshow players can win up to 1 million pesos cash, making this one of the biggest cash prizes on kumu. Set for May 28, Friday, 9PM, this QMK special follows its usual screen time schedule, but with bigger competition, and plenty of celebrity guest appearances.

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Ever since gameshows have become a Kumunity favorite, kumu’s Social TV team occasionally likes to splurge on major bonuses and awesome giveaways. But, it is exceedingly rare to have cash prizes as large as 1 million pesos.

The countdown to QMK’s big night is already underway. But here’s an insider tip: some clues on the upcoming topics and questions may be revealed during Kumunity Teams streams from May 18 to 27th, and within celebrity streamers’ accounts. If you want to get ahead on the trivia clues, be sure to check out streamers Faye Amara (@amaraxmari) , KC Montero (@kcmontero), Matthaios (@matthaios), Joyce Pring (@joycepring), Zephanie (@zephanieofficial), Direk Cathy (@direkcathy), Kimpoy Feliciano (@kimpoyfeliciano), Yuki Takahashi (@yukiitakahashi), Justin Dizon (@justindizon), Sachzna (@itssachznababy), Christine Samson (@christinesamsonn) and DJ Loonyo (@djloonyo) for key updates.

So, think you stand a chance to win that 1 million pesos cash? kumu would love to see you take your shot! The QMK 1 million cash prize is scheduled for May 28, 9pm, hosted by the dynamic duo Megan Young and Mikael Daez.

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