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Digital: Monster Mayhem — Filipino street artist Distort Monsters releases first NFT collection

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Filipino street artist Distort Monsters takes his colorful creatures from alleys and parkways to the metaverse with his first-ever NFT (non-fungible token) collection, Monster Mayhem.

Available starting Feb. 22, Monster Mayhem’s first drop consists of over 2000 one-of-a-kind monster NFTs, each assembled from a set of traits inspired by classic monsters like vampires, werewolves, ogres, and ghouls.

“The first wave of Monster Mayhem is called ‘Monsters in the Metaverse’,” says Distort Monsters. “It features a number of recognizable qualities found in my paintings and other physical works, as well as traits inspired by classic monsters from film and literature.”


“Monster Mayhem bridges the physical and digital realm in expanding the narrative of my monster-themed art. It goes beyond NFTs. It’s a full art project that explores the boundaries of technology.”

Token holders gain access to several perks, including access and discounts to exclusive Distort Monsters merchandise, art toys, physical paintings, and entry to gallery exhibits held in Manila and Hong Kong later this year.

Minting of the Monster Mayhem collection will come in three waves, with the second and third waves having their own themes to be announced later this year. The full collection features a total of 5,555 unique NFTs. The project is built on the Solana Network, an environmentally friendly blockchain.

Plans for an NFT-powered video game are also in the pipeline as the Monster Mayhem team is working with a development studio to create a playable universe where token holders receive a share of the income.

Visit for more information on Monster Mayhem and Distort Monsters.



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