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Digital: Technology Without Borders—How this tech brand brought out the expert in creatives

MANILA, PHILIPPINES– On the year when the entire world has come to a grinding halt, tech brands were quick to step-up to be the enabler of people whose creativity and skills were left in want.

Not unlike many, ASUS Philippines had projects laid out at the beginning of the year. However, when things went out of hand at the peak of the quarantine, it was apparent that more than anything, they needed to be the game-changer in equipping people from all walks of life the gear they did not know they need.

With their partners at adobo magazine, ASUS Philippines was one of the first to launch a web series on how to empower creativity with the right mindset and the right tools: Create Anytime, Create Anywhere.


With key opinion leaders such as Canva Philippines’ Country Head Yani Hornilla-Donato; Film Director Mikhail Red; Creative Rockstar Herbert Hernandez; Multidisciplinary artist Patrick Cabral, and; Papemelroti proprietor Robert Alejandro, among others, the webinar series inspired hundreds and hundreds of creatives to rouse their muses and put their skills to use.

Beyond that, their scope went beyond the creative industry and transcended into the government and education sectors. Extending their technological prowess to the bureaucracy of Department of Public Works and Highways in Camarines Sur, Metropolitan Naga Water District, and Office of the Mayor at Naga City, ASUS proved that systems can be efficient as long as the employees are equipped with the right tools.

Trust for ASUS has always been a tenet of their foundation. So much so that the company has given out generous units to several schools in Nueva Vizcaya such as Lamo Elementary School and Santo Domingo National Trade School.

The initiative was not without a greater purpose, however. As expressed by Henry Motte-Muñoz, Founder & Executive Chairman at Edukasyon.PH “It’s really much more about making sure that students are using technology at its fullest potential, so that they can reach their fullest potential.”

The newly issued ASUS Expert series laptops are to be shared by approximately 200 students in each school, thereby reducing the ratio of computer unit to student and allowing them to “catch up with the technology gap,” as put by Attorney Carlo Aquino, Executive Director at the Manila Economic and Cultural Office.

Even small and medium-sized businesses are not spared from the full-force support of ASUS for their technological requirements: Sunlink Technologies, Association of Filipino Franchisers, Arcanum Design Studios, and Energy Development Corporation.

Arcanum’s initiative-turned-partnership is one that is of particular interest. Coming from Chelsea Yambao, Interior Designer and Chief of Design at the firm, the tech company empowered them—and everyone else that was touched by their campaign—that creativity is indeed just waiting for the potent minds and the nimble hands.

“ASUS has never really been one that’s self-serving. We are merely the enabler of our consumers’ capacity, the helping hand to achieve their vision; and seeing everything in retrospect is enough of a gratitude for this turbulent year,” said Ron Mariano, Product Marketing Manager for Commercial PC.

For a company that prioritizes realizing its users’ full potential, one can assume that 2020 has been anything but difficult for ASUS. Yet it is their core of bringing out the expert in everyone, and the culture of trust that not only manifests among their internal peers but extends to the very hands that presses the keyboard, hovers the touchpad, and creates the most out of their technology anytime, anywhere.


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