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Facebook introduces new solutions to help business beyond the app install

When it comes to mobile, apps are where it’s at. Mobile apps can bring ongoing value to businesses, especially when the right people download them. Almost 90% of time spent on mobile is spent in apps (1) and 58% of mobile purchases in the US are made through apps (2).

However, not every person who installs an app will take actions within it that are valuable to businesses, like making a purchase, booking a trip or reaching a certain level within a game. Thirty days after people install an app, only 6% of them are still using it (3).

In other words, not all app installs are equal. As mobile app businesses evolve, it’s increasingly important for them to connect with the people who are likely to not just download their apps, but to take valuable actions within them. Today, we’re announcing a new way for advertisers to reach the people who will bring more value over time. We’re also sharing new ways for businesses to drive app installs and reengagement.


Find the people who are most likely to take valuable actions

To build healthy mobile app businesses, advertisers must connect with the people who are likely to take valuable and repeat actions within their apps. To help businesses reach these people, we are launching a new product: App Event Optimization. This helps businesses maximize longterm app value—beyond the install—and they have seen great results so far:

“We’re extremely excited for Facebook’s new capabilities for app install advertising, which helps us optimize towards our true business goals. By reaching people on Facebook that are most likely to engage in our app, we have seen an 80% decrease in cost per event leading to five times the growth in lifetime value.” – Chris Chow, Head of Growth at PennyPop

Because so many people engage with ads across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network, we’re uniquely able to determine whether a person is likely to take actions based on historical data and people with similar characteristics. Through App Event Optimization, advertisers can deliver ads to the people who are likely to take valuable actions within their apps. This brings value to businesses, as well as to people, who get ads for the apps that will be most useful to them. Businesses such as mobile commerce and gaming apps are seeing success:

“Facebook helped us find users that were most likely to make a purchase in our app – decreasing our cost per event by 24%. This is a testament to their ability to help businesses find the right people and to help people connect with apps they’ll enjoy using.” – Michelle Lo, Marketing Manager, Poshmark

“Facebook enables us to target the highest quality users; those who are most likely to convert to subscribers. App Event Optimization has improved our cost per purchase by 32%, and revenue per user by 22%.” – Eugenia Kovalenko, User Acquisition at Smule

Introducing new ways to advertise apps

Advertisers on Facebook have seen great success with dynamic ads and Canvas. In the coming weeks, these two effective ad experiences will be available to businesses looking to drive app installs and engagement.

Drive app installs and in-app purchases through dynamic ads. Dynamics ads for apps work like this: when people show interest in a particular product on a website, they will automatically be delivered an app install ad featuring that product, which they can then purchase directly after app install. This allows app advertisers to reach people who are already interested in their products and therefore, more likely to make in-app purchases.

Showcase apps in a more immersive ad experience through Canvas. Canvas will be available to businesses who want to drive app installs or app re-engagement. This means they will be able to bring their apps to life on mobile ads, showing more of the app and giving people a sneak peak into what they can expect.

Grow your business by reaching the right people

App Event Optimization is now available around the world. Dynamic ads for app installs and Canvas for mobile app install ads are rolling out worldwide over the next few weeks.

Join us for our Mobile App Ads Updates webinar on August 2nd to learn more about these features.

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