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Film: Anomaly Shanghai Launches New Documentary on the Rise of Sustainability in China with Unreasonable Studios Starring Comedian Shi Yan

CHINA – Anomaly Shanghai in partnership with Unreasonable Studios today launches a documentary that delves into the increasingly important topic of sustainability.

The film is part of The Unreasonable, an ongoing platform founded by Anomaly in 2014 that champions people across a spectrum of markets and industries that are creating progress in their own unique way.


Over the last few years, awareness of sustainability has increasingly entered the mainstream consciousness in China, driven most recently by the decision of the Shanghai government to mandate a system of garbage separation, which in the coming months and years will also roll out across other cities in China.

For The Sustainability Issue, The Unreasonable partnered with Shi Yan, a comedian and one of China’s top talk show hosts.

Through the film, Shi Yan explores what living a Zero Waste lifestyle could mean, along the way getting advice from different entrepreneurs and organizations: from food delivery giants like, to public welfare projects like Pick-up China; B Corp enterprises like Bottle Dream and furniture megastore IKEA.

“It was an incredible opportunity to meet and talk with these different people to understand the many ways in which they are trying to address this problem,” said Shi Yan.

“As a company, we believe in championing those unreasonable people who are creating progress for all of society. We believe this is an important and meaningful topic for us to focus on, and hope that through watching this, more people can be inspired to change their behaviors” said Richard Summers, Partner at Anomaly Shanghai.

The documentary premiered Saturday 21st September, to coincide with World Clean Up Day, along with series of offline screening, and now is available to view online here.



Founded in 2004, Anomaly is a difficult to define, but exciting to work at ‘new model’ agency. Driven by a passionate and entrepreneurial culture encompassing a diverse, elastic set of skills – Anomaly has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Shanghai. Clients include: Allbirds, Ally Financial, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Apple,, Cancer Research UK, Carnival Cruises, The Coca-Cola Company, Coty, Diageo, Facebook, Google, Hershey’s, IKEA, MINI China, Nike, Rimowa, Sonos, T-Mobile, Uber, Unilever, Virgin Trains, Vodafone and YouTube.

Anomaly has been recognized for a very wide range of work and IP, covering both effectiveness and craft excellence including: Ad Age’s 2017 Agency of the Year, Cannes Lions, Effies, Fast Company’s Most Innovative, Jay Chiat, Digiday Awards and the Mashies – among the usual suspects. Anomaly has also been honored with a few less conventional accolades as well, such as being named one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2016 for dosist (a medicinal cannabis brand the agency created), Toy of The Year for Mighty Jaxx, plus two Emmys for a television series called Avec Eric, all of which the agency created and co-owns.


Founded in 2014, The Unreasonable is an Anomaly owned platform that supports and promotes those that are creating progress across a wide range of industries and sectors, inspired by the infamous George Bernard Shaw quote that “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”   The platform has grown to encompass exhibitions and events, collaborations and content, and in China amassed an active community of followers on Wechat and Weibo.


Unreasonable Studios is a global creative production company with offices in 7 cities worldwide.

Our team members have worked in world class production companies, design agencies, advertising networks and brands. We are photographers, videographers, editors, animators, illustrators, designers and developers who work together seamlessly to develop and execute the full breadth of our clients’ marketing content needs.

We are built on strong fundamentals of operational excellence, robust tech infrastructure, and delivery – while adopting an ‘always in beta’ mentality exploring the latest technologies and interrogating every detail. Craft is hidden in all those wonderful little parts.

We understand the pressures of time, money and quality – the unholy trinity. We knew that we needed to create something different to deliver all three. We knew we had to be Unreasonable in finding that difference.

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