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Five reasons why Mober is your next favorite app

1. It offers on-demand, same-day delivery service

Everyone loves instant gratification. Flick the switch to turn on the lights. Press a button on a remote to turn on the TV, press a number to call people you like. It’s the same thing with buying stuff like appliances. But using them immediately, well, you have to wait. Mober solves that problem.. With Mober, you don’t have to wait for a couple of days to inspect your freshly-bought items. With one click, your stuff will be delivered at your doorstep. Talk about solutions.



2. Stay relaxed and say goodbye to traffic

Here’s a good one. Have you tried moving all of your heavy stuff but you’re stuck in traffic? Sucks right? Not only is the heavy traffic soul-sucking, it will drive you insane worrying about your stuff. Well, worry no more. Mober got you covered. You don’t have to take a number of drives and be stuck in traffic just to bring your stuff from one place to another. You can still attend to other matters and let the traffic jam pass – hassle-free. Bye-bye, EDSA battle.


3. Mober knows that trust is earned

In this day and age, people do get trust issues. Being lied to or not getting your deliveries on time or at worst, not getting your stuff at all.

Mober guarantees safe delivery. It is being trusted by its users and van partners because of its partners including big brands like SM and Robinsons. Transparent pricing? Check! Once you book through the app, it automatically shows the price. Plus you can track the driver’s location with its GPS tracking device that will help you make sure that he’s paving the correct way to deliver your things safely at the right place. You can even buzz a message or make a call to the driver for better coordination.

4. It values time as much as you do

The most precious thing for us is time. It’s something we could never have enough. If you live a busy life (just like the rest of us), then there is a list of duties and responsibilities everyday and we only have less than 24 hours to accomplish them all. With the help of Mober, it can help you save time and become more productive. Shop for new furniture AND afterwards, meet your old friend for coffee? Possible. You will be able to do a lot of stuff on your to-do list, courtesy of this mobile app.


5. It offers pet shuttle service

Everyone loves pets (if you don’t, then too bad for you, you’re missing out on a lot of unconditional love). Mober loves pets as well. If you’re worried about bringing home your favorite pet, well Mober can take care of transporting them. You can do your chores while you’re just waiting for your awesome pet companion to arrive. Mober can take your doggo to his monthly grooming session, safe and sound. How cute is that.

Mober is currently available on App Store and Google Play. You can also book through their website and hotline number 0917 109 3333.

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