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Gaming: Mass market metaverse mobile gaming arrives with the launch of Infinite Arcade supported by Coda

LONDON, UK — Infinite Arcade today launches to empower mobile games makers to easily introduce metaverse dynamics like ‘Play and Earn’ and NFTs into thousands of existing and new mobile games. Infinite Arcade is backed by industry-leading mobile games self-publishing platform Coda, which proudly has 15,000 mobile games developers and ten million gamers in its ecosystem.

Mobile game developers can access Infinite Arcade through a simple SDK for iOS and Android, reducing the barrier to entry for games developers looking to integrate Web3 elements like Play and Earn, community ownership, and tokenomics. Infinite Arcade will allow game developers to introduce these Web3 dynamics without the need to redesign existing game mechanics or compromise their existing Free-to-Play business, which will be crucial for scaling mobile metaverse gaming (powered by blockchain technology) across the mass-market casual mobile gaming. And by enabling casual mobile games to enter the metaverse within a single day, Infinite Arcade has the potential to introduce two billion global casual mobile gamers to blockchain gaming.

Şekip Can Gökalp, CEO of Coda and a founding contributor to Infinite Arcade, commented, “The mobile gaming industry stands at an inflection point with the arrival of emergent technologies like blockchain, NFTs, and Web3 ideology. We strongly believe that Web3 will drive huge benefits for the gaming industry and its passionate creator and player communities. Our vision is to eliminate barriers for mobile gaming talent to enter this space with authenticity, and bring world-class gaming content to players who are invested in ownership and community. We are still in a very initial stage with this project, and we look forward to growing as members of the gaming community start to join us. We feel it’s time to stop building walls, and focus on bridges.”

Şekip Can Gökalp

Infinite Arcade is launching with an initial network of ten mass-market casual mobile games, including Rope Rescue, Brick Builder, and Court Master. Infinite Arcade’s portfolio is projected to reach at least 200 games by the end of 2022.

Şekip Can Gökalp added, “Most existing blockchain-powered mobile games have fairly complex Web3 mechanics and deep game designs, thus, they don’t necessarily appeal directly to the mass audience of casual gamers. So Infinite Arcade aims to be an evolving ecosystem that combines the mass-market appeal of free-to-play casual gameplay with a range of options for individuals and Guilds to get involved in community ownership.”

Anton Horbatov, Chief Product Officer at 24Play, commented, “With Infinite Arcade, we’re entering the future of mobile gaming. Web3 offers new opportunities for developers, such as engagement with vibrant communities and additional revenue streams. We’re excited to explore Play and Earn dynamics with Infinite Arcade, which has made the onboarding a simple journey for us.”

Infinite Arcade has been created to cater for all levels of investment, in terms of time or financial investment. Infinite Arcade will be a decentralised economy where everyone who participates can share in ownership and decision-making, while a smaller group of core contributors will help the network grow through more games and NFT Collections. The platform’s economy includes the following features:

  • NFTs acting as access keys to Infinite Arcade’s Play and Earn dynamics, starting with the launch of the ‘Gamers’ NFT collection; a marketplace for creators to sell yield-generating NFTs; players to trade NFTs; breedable NFTs, with marketplace fees shared with developers and NFT creators.
  • Two tokens on the Ethereum blockchain – $ARC and $TIC – which will enable developers and users to own a piece of Infinite Arcade and generate returns for NFT owning players. (Infinite Arcade’s in-game token is called Token of Infinite Choice ($TIC), its governance token is Infinite Arcade Token ($ARC).
  • Virtual real estate for the community to buy and build ‘arcades’ on, helping fellow community members discover the best games and generating income from the studios that grow through this.
  • A dashboard for buyers and guilds to manage passive income and make it easy for both managers and scholars to play Infinite Arcade games.

The Gamers NFT collection pre-sale will start on 9 March 2022, with a full release a week later. $TIC token will also launch on QuickSwap in March. For more information visit the Infinite Arcade website, read the Lite Paper, and join its Discord community.

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