Here are the most anticipated comics of 2023

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Last year was a good year for comics with quality mainstream titles like Daredevil, Immortal X-Men/X-Men Red, World’s Finest, and Chip Zdarsky’s Batman. Indies like Reckless, Do A Power Bomb, and Public Domain were pretty strong as well. And when you look at this year’s titles, the line-up may feel the same but when the formula’s this good why mess with it?

Sins of Sinister (Writers: Kieoron Gillen, Al Ewing, & Si Spurrier. Artists: Lucas Werneck, Paco Medina, Patch Zircher, & Allesandro Vitti) – This X-Men event was foretold back in House/Powers of X; that Mister Sinister would betray the mutant nation Krakoa. X-titles will go on hiatus and be replaced with books that reflect the ramifications of Sinister’s machinations. The rumor mill hints that this event will overturn the mutants’ current status quo. Release Date: Out now until April 26.



Titans (W: Tom Taylor. A: Nicola Scott) – Thanks to Dark Crisis, the Justice League is on hiatus and have given the Titans their blessing to step up as DC’s premier super team! Taking them to new heights of excellence are two Aussie creators that have made their mark in the DCU; Taylor whose Nightwing book is on a roll and Scott, making a welcome return, after beloved runs on Wonder Woman and Secret Six! Release Date: May 16.


The Ambassadors (W: Mark Millar. A: Frank Quitely, Travis Charest, Olivier Coipel, and others) – Whether it’s hype or the real deal, Millar is at it again! Set in a world where scientists have discovered how to give someone superpowers and can only imbue six people with them. Now candidates from different countries must prove why they are worthy of these abilities. Quitely, Charest, and Coipel rarely do interiors so it’s always a treat to see their pages. Release Date: March.


The Avengers (W: Jed MacKay. A: CF Villa) – Marvel’s flagship team gets a new relaunch by the critically acclaimed Black Cat creative team. The new roster is a classic and modern mix with Sam Wilson as Captain America, Vision and Scarlet Witch back on the team after years apart, and Captain Marvel taking charge! They’ll be taking on arch-nemesis Kang, who’s about to make tsunami waves in the MCU! MacKay has made a name for himself with epic stories on Amazing Spider-Man and Moon Knight so it’ll be exciting to see him in the big leagues! Release Date: May 17.

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