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Southeast Asian comedians lead Prime Video’s LOL: Last One Laughing series

SINGAPORE — On May 30, Prime Video announced the latest local adaptations from the global fan-favorite series LOL: Last One Laughing in Southeast Asia along with the premiere dates and teaser key arts that reveal star-studded hosts of Southeast Asian comedic talents: Vice Ganda in the Philippines, Pandji Pragiwaksono in Indonesia, and Siwat Chotchaicharin (C) and Pramote Pathan (Oat) in Thailand.

LOL: Last One Laughing Philippines and LOL: Last One Laughing Thailand are set to premiere on July 04, and LOL: Last One Laughing Indonesia on July 11 exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

The LOL: Last One Laughing format has become the most-watched title on Prime Video in Italy, France, and Germany, and has had hugely successful local versions in Mexico, Australia, India, Spain, Canada, The Netherlands, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and Sweden. Other local celebrity hosts include Jay Baruchel (Canada), Eugenio Derbez (Mexico), Fedez (Italy), Michael “Bully” Herbig (Germany), Rebel Wilson (Australia), Graham Norton (Ireland), and Trevor Noah (South Africa). LOL: Last One Laughing Philippines, LOL: Last One Laughing Thailand, and LOL: Last One Laughing Indonesia are the latest adaptations of the successful Prime Video series in Japan, Documental, where the host leads 10 comedians in an anything goes “battle of laughter behind closed doors.”


Hosts will lead top comedy talents in a riotous battle of wit and resilience. Picture a room devoid of laughter, where comedians armed with jokes and timing engage in a high-stakes showdown to outlast their peers without cracking a smile themselves. It’s a grueling test of comedic prowess and self-control as they navigate outrageous antics and strategic maneuvers to emerge as the last one standing. With every moment captured by multiple cameras, viewers are in for a front-row seat to witness the ultimate clash of humor and endurance.

“These adaptations of LOL: Last One Laughing will celebrate the rich comedic traditions of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, and we are excited to share these hilarious shows with a global audience,” said James Farrell, VP of International Originals, Amazon MGM Studios. “We can’t wait to entertain our audiences in Southeast Asia with these shows that feature star-studded casts and unforgettable moments.”

Vice Ganda, a multi-award-winning comedienne and actress, known for her quick wit and infectious humor, commented, “I’m excited to be the host for LOL: Last One Laughing Philippines. Our country has a rich comedy tradition, and it’s fantastic to have a place to showcase our talented comedians to a global audience. I can’t wait to show global audiences how far our Filipino comedians will go to keep a straight face while making everyone else laugh.”

Pandji Pragiwaksono, a renowned standup comedian, actor, writer, rap singer, and radio and TV personality in Indonesia, shared his enthusiasm, “As a comedian, I’m incredibly proud to host LOL: Last One Laughing Indonesia. This show offers a fresh and unique format to the comedy world. I’m excited for everyone to witness the brilliance and charm of Indonesian comedy.”

C Siwat and Oat Pramote, Thailand’s popular hosts celebrated for their spontaneous humor, also expressed their excitement. C commented, “Thai comedy has always been renowned for our unique creativity, and LOL: Last One Laughing Thailand serves as the right avenue to showcase our comedic talents.” Oat added, “Being part of LOL: Last One Laughing Thailand is a fantastic opportunity. This show will bring out the best in Thai entertainers, each with their own distinct style of humor. “

LOL: Last One Laughing Philippines, LOL: Last One Laughing Thailand, LOL: Last One Laughing Indonesia come from Amazon MGM Studios, produced in association with Unitel Straight Shooters (Philippines), Halo Production (Thailand) and BASE Entertainment (Indonesia).

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