Events: Top things to Look Forward to at So Shop! A Social Sellers’ Bazaar Empowered by LBC

Online shopping offers a different level of convenience for shoppers but to those who want to touch, feel, and experience a product before throwing in the bucks, LBC Express Inc. (LBC), the leading courier and logistics company in the Philippines, is providing a venue for both the buyer and the seller.

LBC is holding “So Shop! A Social Sellers’ Bazaar Empowered by LBC” on October 5 at SMX Manila, Seashell Lane, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City to provide customers an opportunity to interact with their favorite online sellers in person!


To go or not to go is not even a question. LBC’s “So Shop!” is definitely a must and here are the things to see and expect from the bazaar.

#1 “Shop ’til you drop” cliché could never be more true with “So Shop!” as it offers a diverse and wide array of products from cosmetics to clothes to household items to fitness equipment. The whole bazaar caters to all types of shoppers from all walks of life. If you have been looking for one particular item for a long time, this may be the place to finally get hold of it.

#2 Get to experience a potential purchase from the booth of your favorite online seller. It’s a chance to hold, feel, and inspect an item before parting with your cash or credit card. Online sellers will now have a chance to meet their patrons while shoppers can score exclusive deals offered only during the bazaar. Online shoppers will get to personally choose their next purchase from an assortment of products from cosmetics to ready-to-wears to household items from the booths of their favorite online shops.

#3 While still focused on finding the next purchase, the bazaar is holding live engagement with customers, thought leaders, and influencers. Get to see and interact with popular celebrity entrepreneurs and influencers and listen to success stories that may inspire your own shopping story.

#4 This is an opportunity to meet and mingle with the online seller you have been communicating with for weeks or even months. Are you a fan of a specific online shop? It may be your chance to get to know the brains behind the creative ideas!

#5 This is an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to get a headstart and finally live the dream. Learn how you can effectively use LBC’s Cash on Pick up and Cash on Delivery services for your online business. As part of its mission to assist micro, small, and medium enterprises, LBC invites aspiring online entrepreneurs to see for themselves the opportunity that awaits them. Just by visiting each booth will give them the idea of what products they want to sell or which ones actually sell.

There you have it — so mark your calendars and gear up for “So Shop! A Social Sellers’ Bazaar Empowered by LBC.”

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