Spikes Asia 2019: A First Look at Isobar Global CCO Ronald Ng’s Session at Spikes, ‘The Death of 360 Campaigns – The Rise of 365 Experiences’

The annual Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity officially opens tomorrow, September 25 at Suntec, Singapore and everyone is getting ready for another exciting round of showcasing and celebrating the best of creative marketing and advertising in the region. 

Ronald Ng, Isobar Global Chief Creative Officer, will step onto the Spikes Asia stage to present ‘The Death of 360 Campaigns – The Rise of 365 Experiences’, wherein he will explore a new trend in the advertising industry. Ahead of his session, Ng shares his thoughts on Asian creativity and innovation

Why is Asia an exciting place to be creatively?


A lot of today’s most progressive work has and continues to come out of Asia. And more than anywhere else in the world, the Asian creative industry has been turbocharged by technology. When you combine that with the region’s unique culture and nuances, magic happens.

Which areas of creativity is the Asia Pacific industry particularly excelling in?

Asian creativity is shining brighter than ever before, with fabulous work coming out of countries across the region. Just look at the work Chinese agencies are creating with Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba. With ‘decentralization’ and consumers playing a mutual role for brand success on platforms like WeChat, the potential to solve brand challenges in China are unlimited. 

Which country in Asia Pacific excites you most creatively and why?

It’s a long list. But I guess China, Japan, India and Thailand are showing the way forward. The rules are broken every day, and when rules are broken, we discover beautiful possibilities. 

What are you most looking forward to about Spikes Asia? 

First of all, coming home. I’m a proud Malaysian kampong boy and had the honor of working in Singapore for three years. I’ve been a fan of Spikes Asia for a long time – the community, the size of the festival and the prestige of a Spikes Award make it an irresistible occasion.  

What can we expect from your session, what will you be discussing?

I’ll be sharing my thoughts about the drastic shift that the industry needs to pivot toward a consumer-centered, experience-led approach. It’s something I’m very passionate about. It will be a call to reset ourselves. Or simply put: we either do or die.

Our best days are ahead of us, but only if we disrupt ourselves and how we approach client challenges. The old ways of approaching solutions with 360 campaigns is dead. Today, it’s about how brands can earn a space in people’s hearts through connected, frictionless, relevant and well-crafted experiences across all channels – all through to the final critical mile, commerce.

About Spikes Asia

The Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity is the leading event for the creative marketing and advertising industry in Asia Pacific, taking place at Suntec, Singapore, from 25 – 27 September 2019. Alongside three days of networking, learning and inspiration, the very best creative work from across APAC is judged and honoured in the Spikes Asia Awards, which will be celebrated at a red-carpet ceremony on the evening of Friday 27 September 2019 at the Victoria Theatre, Singapore.

adobo magazine, the Word on Creativity, is an official media partner of Spikes Asia 2019 Festival of Creativity.

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