Fashion: Gushcloud’s Jessica Lee finally dropped her first merch collection

SINGAPORE — Gushcloud’s exclusive talent, Jessica Lee, recently launched her very own merch collection on the final episode of the LazLive show entitled, “Reel K-Hauls with Jessica Lee”. Last year, starting October 1, 2021 – every Friday, for 12 straight weeks, our “Korean Ate”, Jessica Lee was able to bring her Pinoy fans the Korean experience through the different themes per week from Korean cuisine, beauty, pop culture, and giving a preview of Seoul’s hotspots!

Jessica Lee’s very own merch consisted of shirts, hats, socks, and tote bags. The merch designs were very personal to Jessica Lee as they reflected her love for both Korea and the Philippines. The designs were composed of Mugunghwa and Sampaguita – Korea and Philippines’ national flowers, Malunggay, a text of “Kita-kits” written in Hangul, and #RiceisLife. Out of all the merch, the T-Shirts, regardless of the design, and the tote bag with the Malunggay print were the first to be sold out during the said LazLive. By the end of the show, all 128 items were already sold out. Along with their selected merch, fans also received a personal photo card with a dedication from Jessica Lee.


“It was exciting to see the merch come to life. And it was even more exciting to see it get sold out one by one even before the show ended. It was indeed the best way to end a successful show. The success of Reel K-Hauls with Jessica Lee indeed shows that live selling is a sure hit to the Filipinos,” says Shynne Santos, Regional Operations Head, Live Commerce.

Andrew Lim, Managing Director of Gushcloud Commerce says, “The success of LazLive’s “Reel K-Hauls with Jessica Lee” shows that cross-border engagement works for live commerce. Seeing how receptive Filipinos were during the 12-week run of LazLive’s “Reel K-Hauls with Jessica Lee”, it is safe to say that this is only the beginning of future live commerce featuring different talents from not just Korea but from other countries as well.”

“Leveraging on the love of the Filipinos of Korean pop culture and jumping on the Hallyu wave-the partnership with Lazada was a success to say the least. Gushcloud was able to bring Seoul to the Philippines (virtually) which allowed Jessica to connect and interact with her fans from the Philippines for 12 weeks straight. It was exciting to experience cross-country merchandise drops being as easy as 1,2,3. Seeing the success of this partnership, we look to create more impactful cross border opportunities, bridging the gap between countries via our Live Commerce capabilities and Global presence, ” said Jamie Paraso, Country Director of Gushcloud Philippines.

This engagement only marks the beginning of the Gushcloud Live Commerce initiative as the company continues to open doors and explore new opportunities for talents as they navigate the ever-evolving digital marketing and entertainment landscape.

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