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The imprinting of The House Of Laurel’s legacy in the world of Filipino fashion

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – From couture gowns, iconic pieces, tablescapes to gala nights, Rajo Laurel continues to create waves in the fashion industry. Having been present in fashion for more than 30 years, Laurel’s creativity remains top-tier as he continues to learn, grow, and collaborate with celebrities and icons in creating remarkable pieces that highlights Filipino culture.

Recently, Dolly De Leon became the first Filipino to be nominated for the 76th British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA). In this momentous occasion, the actress wore the “ALON” couture gown by the House of Laurel. The inspiration behind the piece stemmed from De Leon’s love of the ocean, as well as Laurel’s vision of celebrating the Filipino culture in modern light.

“I had this incredible abaca, nylon silk material that I first used and developed in 2018 for my 25th anniversary show. I wanted to use that material and create something deeply meaningful for Dolly.” said Laurel.

Filipino-American influencer Bretman Rock also spotlighted the House of Laurel when he wore their Archival 2003/2004 hand crochet piece. Laurel revived the paid from his collection inspired by 1970’s bohemia imbibing the Woodstock vibe. He feels that the new generation would appreciate the handmade technique by nuns from Iloilo.

In an Instagram post, Laurel lauds Rock as a ‘prizefighter’. “I knew immediately when I met Bretman over dinner that he would love this piece. I think I will need a trip back soon [to Iloilo] for more inspiration and new creations. Thank you Bretman for your kindness and for being an inspiration,” he adds.

Bonded by their love to create, Laurel also announced a collaboration with fellow visionary and renowned interior designer Ito Kish. Both designers proudly present “Ito Kish x Rajo Laurel Collaboration series 2023-24,” a tablescape exclusives that make for beautiful dining settings. The collection is available in store and online at starting March 10, 2023. This venture pushes the creative energies and boundaries of both designers, but their friendship of 20 years and love for Filipino culture remains the foundation of what they produce.

“What a privilege it is to be able to work with fellows I completely admire and respect. I am excited and thrilled to show you all what we have been working on. I love that Ito always say, ‘Filipino is our design language’. That train of thought always inspires me,” Laurel said.

Invited by Cary Santiago, Rajo Laurel, along with other talented designers Philip Rodriguez, and Mark Bumgarner, attended and designed for the very first Philippine Terno Gala in Cebu on March 10, 2023.

Laurel welcomes the challenge of creating ternos that engage, entice, and excite the younger generation. “Fashion is a community. The gala is a chance to showcase my work and at the same time, applaud the works of people I admire and respect. My vision is for the terno to highlight our national identity and appeal to the modern Filipino women so that it is not something that should be worn only on special occasions or ‘Linggo ng Wika’,” he says in his recent vlog.


Rajo Laurel is currently one of Gushcloud Philippines talents along with celebrity wedding videographer Jason Magbanua, celebrities Bangs Garcia, Ciara Sotto, Michelle Madrigal, and Patrick Garcia & family for channel management. Check out his eponymous YouTube channel here.

“It’s remarkable to see how creators, who are considered thought leaders in their own right, collaborate with each other and create greatness. This is the culture we continue to develop in Gushcloud, as a digital creator and entertainment firm. Our goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem where brands, influencers, content creators, and key opinion leaders grow together and create a strong positive influence. Rajo Laurel’s dedication to showcase the Filipino culture in each collaboration is truly inspiring. Each project is able to highlight the opportunity and impact that happens when passion and purpose meet. Without a doubt, these would further imprint the legacy of the House of Laurel into the minds and hearts of Filipinos, young and old,” said Gushcloud Philippines Country Director, Jamie Paraso.

Rajo Laurel poses with Dolly de Leon, the first Filipino actress to be nominated for Golden Globes and BAFTA for her work in “Triangle of Sadness”
Bretman Rock poses in a House of Laurel creation for the Manila leg of his book tour
Rajo Laurel collaborates with good friend and interior designer Ito Kish
Rajo Laurel prepares for the first Philippine Terno Gala in Cebu

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