Comics: 4 Funny She-Hulk stories from the comics that will turn you into a fan

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — She-Hulk Attorney at Law is Marvel Studio’s latest offering (and the show is now streaming on Disney+!). The tongue-in-cheek title sets a sitcom episodic tone. This makes sense, since Marvel set Shulkie aka Jennifer Walters apart from her green-skinned cousin’s smash-and-bash comics by making her stories comedic. Here are her most laugh-out-loud stories:

“Court Costs” (Solo Avengers #14. Writer: Chris Claremont. Artist: Alan Davis.)

Unlike Hulk, She-Hulk hasn’t succumbed to anger and maintains the balance between being a lawyer and a superhero. Not in this comic! As she nervously tries to present a case to the US Supreme Court, her enemy, Titania, is cruisin’ for a bruisin’ and interrupts her opening statement. She-Hulk tries to swat her away swiftly so she can get back to the case but Titania keeps coming back for more! The facial expressions and sight gags alone are priceless!“Tall Disorder” (Sensational She-Hulk #4. W/A: John Byrne.) 


The series where She-Hulk breaks “the Fourth Wall.” She makes mention of her past comics and talks directly to Byrne. Issue 4 is where things get real meta! She-Hulk changes clothes between panels for a rapid fashion montage, uses a subplot to beat the traffic, and has the Comic Code Authority Approved clothing to protect her skimpy clothes from getting ripped during a battle!

“Bi Me That” (Incredible Hulk #412. W: Peter David. A: Paul Pelletier.) 

Hulk himself gets in on the fun when he teams up with Jen to take down Bi-Beast, one of Hulk’s silliest enemies, a brute with two faces, one on top of the other. Bi-Beast is out for revenge against the Hulk only for one of the faces to fall for Shulkie (a running joke about supervillains who keep falling in love with her)! The whole farce plays out like a superhero Bugs Bunny cartoon with lots of silliness and innuendo in each page.

“The Big Picture” (She-Hulk #5-6. W: Dan Slott. A: Paul Pelletier.) 

Supervillains have been shrunk down and imprisoned in the “Big House” but when the worst of them escape, it’s up to She-Hulk to put them back! She comes up with creative ways to nab them – Tiger Shark and Electro are tossed in an aquarium taking them both down, Sandman gets vacuumed, and Jen uses a character named 8-Ball to take down the rest like billiard balls! This one is loaded with hilarious moments, too many to mention here!

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