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Film: Northwell premieres ‘Two Wars,’ a documentary set in a hospital in Ukraine

Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, nearly 100 health facilities and healthcare facilities have been destroyed.

NEW YORK, NY — Northwell Health today premieres “Two Wars,” a documentary shedding light on the disruptive impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on hospitals and medical care in the war-torn region. The film, directed by French-Polish independent film director Rafael Lewandowski, is accompanied by a 30-second trailer and is a part of Northwell’s “Raise Health” movement, developed by Movement Marketing firm StrawberryFrog. It features authentic Ukrainian folk music performed by Northwell’s own Nurse Choir.

Since the start of the war, Russia has destroyed nearly 100 healthcare facilities in Ukraine, forcing patients to seek care at facilities in safer regions. Northwell knows that attacking healthcare is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a population. That’s why New York’s largest health system is dedicated to not only telling these stories but to raising health wherever it is threatened.


“Two Wars” is set in Lviv Regional Children’s Specialized Clinical Hospital in western Ukraine. The film is centered on the daily experiences of Dr. Natalia Fedyk, a transfusiology specialist and podiatrist who has had to balance the threat of war with an influx of patients in need of urgent health care. She said, “patients are very scared because they have two wars in their lives now. One war is with their illness, and the other one is the Ukrainian-Russian war.” The patients are children with complex health issues that require constant care and uninterrupted treatment, a challenge in the conflict zone. Many have had to evacuate to other countries in search of a more stable health care environment. Others require medical knowledge often outside the scope of what’s currently available in Ukraine.

In response, Northwell adapted its Center for Global Health’s telehealth capabilities to augment the capabilities of Ukraine’s frontline health care workers. Real-time doctor-to-doctor consultations can assist the many physicians practicing outside of their comfort zone, caring for critically ill patients requiring consults in areas of medicine traditionally covered by subspecialists. In a matter of weeks, Northwell built a countrywide telemedicine support system to reach medical staff throughout Ukraine. Lviv Regional Children’s Hospital, as featured in the film, is just one of the many health centers affected by this war and receiving help through telemedicine.

In addition to the 15-minute documentary and 30-second trailer, Northwell’s efforts to spread awareness about healthcare in Ukraine include integrated content such as online video and social media. The film will continue to live on its landing page,, where individuals can learn more about Northwell’s efforts in Ukraine and donate to the Center for Global Health’s Relief Fund, and doctors outside of Northwell can join telehealth efforts.

“When healthcare is attacked, you don’t just sit back and let it happen. You ask where you can help,” said Michael Dowling, President and Chief Executive Officer at Northwell Health.


Scott Goodson, Founder, CEO, StrawberryFrog
Josh Greenspan, Executive Creative Director, StrawberryFrog
James Rogala, Group Creative Director, StrawberryFrog
Brooks Hess, Associate Creative Director, StrawberryFrog
Courtney Harris, Associate Creative Director, StrawberryFrog
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Holly Sloofman, Account Director, StrawberryFrog
Isabella Novack, Account Executive, StrawberryFrog
Madisen Anderson, Project Manager, StrawberryFrog

Director: Rafael Lewandowski, Director, Film Produkcja
Nicolas Villegas, Director of Photography, Film Produkcja
Grazyna Bastek, Production Director, Film Produkcja
Tomek Krzywicki, Line Producer, Film Produkcja
Jan Boguszewski, Sound Engineer, Film Produkcja
Maria Zuba, Editor, Edit House Human Ark Di

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