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Film: Röyksopp drops third album with a series of short films by Bacon

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Norwegian duo Röyksopp have released their second album this year, after an eight-year album hiatus. And just as its spring predecessor, “Profound Mysteries II” was accompanied by a series of short films, one for each track, to provide extended teasers and a visual layer. Produced by Scandinavian production company Bacon, every film was directed by one of Bacon’s directors.

The first two first tracks have gotten the Bacon treatment. The first track, titled “Speed King,” which was released on August 30 has been interpreted by Bacon post-production coordinator and directorial talent Markus Tangre. Markus has ventured into the world of puppeteering to create a dark-humored film named “speed_k1ng.” 


The second track is the backdrop of a beautifully crafted, bizarre, and bloody story of one man’s telepathic conversation with a crab in a fish market. The film is made by Danish director Johan Stahl. For the lead, jOHAN has cast Jacob Nossel with whom he made the 2006 Sundance-winning documentary The Red Chapel. In this, Johan and documentarian Mads Brügger went to North Korea with Jacob and another Danish actor who were both adopted from South Korea, to pose as a theatre troupe and expose the totalitarian regime. Johan’s new film for Röyksopp, titled A Crab & A Pipe, is subtitled in both English and Korean.


Title: speed_k1ng
Director: Markus Tangre
DOP: Rasmus Skaaret
Producer: Rebekka Rognøy
Camera assistant: Daniel Arntzen
Colorist: Didrik Bråthen
Puppet builder: Markus Tangre
Puppeteers: Markus Tangre, David Bjørnstad
Post by: Markus Tangre
Post producer: Eli Mari Sandal
Executive producer: Magne Lyngner
Production Company: Bacon
Music: Speed King by Röyksopp

Title: A Crab & A Pipe
Director: Johan Stahl
DOP: Snorre Ruhe
Executive Producer: Samuel Cantor
Focus Puller: Nick Gray
Grip: Rune Egegaard
Gaffer: Frank Omø
Production: Oliver Kornberg Sand
Lead Crab Handler: Nicholas Perry
Cast: Jacob Nossell, Ben Coughlan, Kristine Ettrup Bille (Aiko)
Editor: Rikke Selin Als
Log & Conform: Jasmin Falk Jensen
Grade: Hannibal Lang / BaconX
Special thanks to Meny Rotunden, Fiskerikajen, MAAN Rental, Artcast, BaconX
Production Company: Bacon

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