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AQUA and Y&R Indonesia calls for ndonesians to be ‘just like water’

JAKARTA – After being named Indonesia’s Most Meaningful Brand and one of Indonesia’s Most Valuable Brands by BrandZ 2015, Danone’s AQUA wanted to give back by launching a meaningful campaign that will inspire Indonesians.

To be pure and generous ‘Bagalikan Air’ or ‘just like water’–this is the message that AQUA wanted to communicate. With the help of Y&R Indonesia, the brand launched a campaign that lauds ordinary people’s everyday acts of kindness that choose no place, occasion or person.

“By showcasing these traits in real everyday people, we feel this major new brand campaign will inspire Indonesians to be just like water and celebrate the goodness of life with AQUA,” said Febby Intan, AQUA Brand Director.


The campaign included TV commercials, outdoor billboards and websites featuring real people doing genuine acts of kindness for their community and fellow men. The interviews with the people featured in the campaign can be viewed at http://www.bagaikanair.com.

“Yet again we are delivering great creative work driven by strong in-market insight and relevance, and proves that our client partner Danone AQUA’s position as Indonesia’s most meaningful brand and among the country’s most valuable brands is very well-deserved,” commented Mathew Collier, CEO, Y&R Indonesia.

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