BRAZIL – “Upgrade Your Portfolio” is a nonprofit project that aims to increase young students access to the creative market. How does it work? The project opened registration and one month later, a number of portfolios will be selected and the students will have the chance to sit with the greatest creative of Brazilian Market (art director or copywriter) to help them upgrade portfolio and reach the dream agency.

The challenge in these movies was to visually translate the exaggeration of some roles in the business and publicity world. For that reason, the production company chose a collage of completely different visual elements, generating an esthetic schizophrenia to symbolize the arrogance you see in the corporate and creative world where an “important” position is often more important than the work being produced.

The production of the films was done with total control of expenses. It was used trademark elements: lean production with the creative freedom to solve problems, as well as an outstanding post-production that used clever techniques.

Taking care not to go over budget, the two films were produced on just one day’s rate and in the same location with great actors who were perfect for their parts. Eighty percent of the film’s visual effects were done post-production with a six-person team. The post-production combined 3D animation and particles techniques through softwares such as Houdini, Maya and After Effects.

The entire job, from pre-production, production and post-production, took almost 5 months for both films. Post-production took up about two months of this process. The films are a partnership between Erick Mendonça and Fantástica Films with Henrique Ribeiro as a director. 


Production Company: Fantástica Filmes e Post

Film Director: Henrique Ribeiro

Photography Direction:  Jonathan Van Thomaz

Assistant Director: Felipe Claudino

Production Designer: Rosane Melink

Art Direction: Bia Maestri

Production Direction: Marina Rossignoli

Executive Production: Herminio Vinholi Jr, Henrique Ribeiro e Marlon Klug

Project Manager: Ana Maria Sequinel

Costume Designer: Ana Paula Cardoso

Casting Production Company: Call Me Cast

Casting:  Guenia Lemos e Guilherme Mariano

VFX Directors: Ivan Stephan e Bruno Wotroba

Post Production Company: Fantástica Post

Post Production Coordinator: Maguilla

VFX: Michel Takahashi e Karlos Schirmer, Ivã Stival

Editors: Fernanda Gadotti e Henrique Ribeiro

Sound Production Company: Jamute

Client: Erick Mendonça