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Campaign Spotlight: KFC France’s new offering includes an empty bucket, one fry and two glasses of water

PARIS, FRANCE — KFC France is bringing back one of its most exceptional offers, the Tuesday Deal, a bucket of 11 chicken tenders for 6.95EBut they also know that means you’ll need a big appetite, which is why they’re launching an even more exceptional offer — the Monday Diet.

Created by Sid Lee Paris, KFC’s new series of unexpected coupons helps customers make room for Tuesday by offering less for more. A regular-sized menu at the “discount” price of an XL menu, a free empty bucket… Customers can even find coupons, which will be in store and distributed in deliveries, for two free glasses of water, one fry, or its healthier counterpart, a leaf of lettuce.


KFC’s generous offer, which began running on July 13 will be available until July 27.


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Theda Braddock is an American who lives and works in Paris. She helps agencies develop their communication and promote creativity, and writes for several publications when she has time.

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