Eligible publishers and creators in the Philippines can now join Ad Breaks and monetize their longer-form videos on Facebook that build loyal fan followings. 

The launch continues our global expansion to more languages and more countries as we continue to find ways to support publishers and creators globally as they make and upload great videos for their engaged audiences on Facebook. Visit here for the latest information on supported countries and languages.


Easily Track Eligibility & Join
Publishers and creators can visit fb.me/joinadbreaksCreator Studio or their Page Video Insights to join Ad Breaks. On these destinations, those that do not yet meet the eligibility criteria can view a graphical representation of their Facebook followers, video views, and Monetization Eligibility Standard compliance to track each Page’s progress towards qualifying.

To provide greater transparency into Monetization Eligibility Standard compliance, publishers and creators can access a new visualization in Creator Studio that indicates if policy violations are impacting their eligibility for or ongoing ability to monetize on Facebook. They can also see a list of some of these violations, and in some cases submit an appeal directly from the list. 

Once publishers and creators qualify for Ad Breaks, they can onboard and begin inserting placements for ads in their videos. We are also introducing the ability for Pages to bulk upload large numbers of videos, so they can easily build up their Facebook video presence and earn money for their qualifying back catalogue.

Best Practices to Program for Success
The cornerstone of achieving and maintaining Ad Break eligibility and earning meaningful revenue starts with creating the type of content that viewers have told us works best with Ad Breaks: longer videos that people seek out and want to come back to.

While Facebook’s eligibility standards are meant to provide basic guidelines to ensure that publishers and creators are on a path to making money with Ad Breaks, we have seen that publishers and creators finding the most success with Ad Breaks follow certain best practices:

    • Create Engaging Content: A magician on Workpoint’s Thailand’s Got Talent truly captivated his audience and was able to attract 51%, of the three million viewers to continue watching past the one-minute mark. When the ad break plays, 94%of viewers completed the ad view to continue watching the magic tricks.
    • Create Longer Content: Pasquale Sciarappa shares 10-minute plus videos to his devoted followers of him cooking his favorite Italian recipes in his New Jersey kitchen. He is a good example of the power of thematic content to keep an audience coming back for more.
    • Build a Loyal Audience: This hilarious video from All Def is a great example of viewers seeking out content they love – nearly 70% of viewers sought out this video in places like Watchlist and Search. An audience eager to watch the latest video is more likely to monetize.

·       Engage Your Community: Jay Shetty creates deeply meaningful content for his community with wisdom to help people on their life journeys, and Ad Breaks helps support his ability to keep reaching more people. For example, the important message in this video inspired more than 80% of viewers who reached the Ad Break to stay to watch it through, greater than the 70% Ad Breaks program-wide average. It’s a great example of tapping into a collective emotional experience that many people can relate to and rallies a community together.

“The monetization experience with Facebook has been simple, easy and effortless. The tool is great to use and has a very clear process. Building a meaningful community has been the most purposeful and filling achievement of my life. To have a truly global audience that is growing daily is a blessing that I feel humbled to have. It is the result of a sincere intention to transform people’s lives and make a difference in the world. I feel grateful to have Facebook as a platform to help me share my message to billions of people who view my videos.” — Jay Shetty

Visit fb.me/joinadbreaks to learn more and join. And for those creators looking for support in getting started, check out the Facebook for Creators Launchpad program.