SHANGHAI – Geometry Global, a brand experience agency operating in 56 markets around the world, 19 cities in Asia Pacific, has unveiled a new brand identity reflecting the changes it has gone through since it was launched in 2013.

“A lot has changed in five years. Our world has become more digitized and fractured, and brands are thinking more about how to optimize their sales in an omni-channel world,” said Steve Harding, Global CEO. “Geometry has evolved to meet these needs, and our new branding is a reflection of this evolution. It says we are a modern, omni-channel agency – a diverse, curious, fun company that is confident and ambitious for the future.”

Diana Cawley, Asia Pacific CEO added, “We’ve evolved our offerings in Asia Pacific over the past few years to respond to the region’s fast-changing market dynamics. We are better positioned than ever before to support our client’s growth and seize the opportunities ahead of us, so now is the right time to fully express the company we have become”.

The new identity was created in-house by the Geometry team in Hamburg, Germany. It includes a new logo word mark and monogram, a vibrant new color palette and a set of symbols that represents diverse disciplines and expertise coming together to solve problems.

Global Chief Creative Officer, Jon Hamm, said, “this new look reflects our confidence and aims to capture the magic of the geometric world and bring to life the beauty inherent in it. We have moved away from the defined, rigid representation of our past to a more fluid, curved, organic identity that is representative of our future.”