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One Show China Creative Summit features insightful sessions from world class creatives

The 2018 One Show Shanghai Creative Week, which takes place November 9–16, 2018 in Shanghai, honors great creative ideas, and connects and inspires influential and cutting-edge creative minds. Apart from awarding the latest innovative ideas and effective works of advertising and design, the week-long creative feast will present thought-provoking talks on digital creativity, pop culture, product design, social advancements, experiential design and much more. In addition, the week will celebrate the up and coming generation, as the best young creatives will compete with each other to show the industry their boldest and brightest ideas.

The One Show Creative Summit will treat attendees to insightful sessions from world class creatives from all over the world:



9:30-9:40 | Sky Theater 

One Show Creative Week Shanghai Welcome Speech

One Show,  Ma Chao, Chief Representative 

The One Club Greater China Office


9:40-10:20 | Sky Theater 

Bridging the Gap

Kevin Swanepoel, Chief Executive Officer, The One Club for Creativity

Closing the perceived creative gap between the East and the West. Learn to unlock the secrets in producing and showcasing your work in a way that will enable China, a global creative power to move up as a creative nation in the global creative rankings. When we look at the heritage of China, it has a history of great invention and creativity, this is China’s moment to showcase this great talent that China has kept secret for so long.


10:25-11:05 | Sky Theater 

Creating for Branded Entertainment

PJ Pereira, Founder & Creative Chairman, Pereira O’Dell

As consumers gain more control over what they watch, advertisers lose opportunities to interrupt them with their messages. In this new scenario, brands and agencies are forced to be not the break within the content, but the content itself. A level of competition for attention, much higher than we ever faced before. Join PJ Pereira, one of the world’s leading voices in Branded Entertainment, to learn from some of the world’s best initiatives in this field.





11:20-12:00 | Sky Theater 

Creativity across Continents

Reed Collins, Chief Creative Officer, North Asia Ogilvy

Making brands matter across continents through creativity. We live in an increasingly connected world, but come from different backgrounds, different cultures and different languages, so how do we bridge the gap and continue to deliver a brand’s promise across continents? The answer lies in the power of creativity. Nowhere on earth is this more relevant today than in China, but to communicate through creative ideas, there has to be a deep understanding of the brand and the culture. What can we learn from other brands around the world who have seen great success and some others who have been met with dismal failure.


12:05-12:45 | Sky Theater 


Why HI (human insight) matters more in the AI-driven era 

Thomas Hongtack Kim, Founder & Creative Solutionist, 2kg

We are now living in the world where AI, big data, and media fragmentation are significant and momentous. Communication environment has been drastically changed and will change more rapidly than ever before. Thus, it is very difficult to predict how our marketing environment will change. As we are afraid of getting lost in the way to a successful marketing and since we don’t know how to take a right route, I believe it is important to focus on getting genuine human insights than we did during the ‘the good old days’ when we handled traditional media and these genuine human insights should be different in quality compared to what we get from a desk just through googling. Because even though the world has changed, human being’s basic emotion such as love, joy, fear, and desire for fame… has not changed. Based on this assumption, I categorized ‘genuine human insights’ that are essential for a successful marketing in this tech-driven era. Big data might give an optimized solution but cannot give a creative solution based on genuine human insights. AI is just a supporting element to get a creative solution.


14:00-14:40 | Sky Theater 

The Intersection of Innovative Brand Experiences and Evocative Storytelling

Andrés Ordóñez, Chief Creative Officer, Energy BBDO

Many say that consumers have become detached and that brand loyalty is hard to come by, but Andrés Ordóñez, Chief Creative Officer of Energy BBDO, doesn’t believe. Consumer behavior shows that audiences care, more than ever, what brands stand for and how they use brand platforms to impact the world. Join us for a discussion about how to create brand meaning and build lasting consumer relationships. The brands that win, are the ones with purpose, that identify shared consumer values and bring them to life through evocative storytelling and innovation in order to get attention and get remembered.


14:45-15:25 | Sky Theater 


How to Make Your Mark in a Cookie Cutter World

Chris Jones, Executive Creative Director China & APAC, Wunderman

Everyone is passionate about the work we create, but truth is the work we produce defines who we are as creative people. Not just that but every moment we spend working adds to who we are and how we are perceived. Each day in our careers, we are creating ourselves. We are creating a reputation, creating an identity as people in the industry, creating our own uniqueness. As Madonna once said: “I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”  How can we treat our careers (and even our lives) as an act of creation? To be more thoughtful about what we do and act with real purpose. Let’s explore the power of creativity to realize our full potential.


15:30-16:10 | Sky Theater  

You, Me & Us

Aaron Padin, Head of Art & Design, J. Walter Thompson

A simple talk about humanity and data. Data and Tech is from us. By us. For us, so why is it complex? Because we are human after all!

Let’s break down behavior and understand that we might be able to define what is the next by adjusting our behavior. 





16:25-17:05 | Sky Theater 

How to Cook Rice: Typography as Design Flavour

Mark De Winne, Founding Partner, Parable Studio

Rice might not be considered as a main dish, but always an essential complement especially in Asian cultures. How might something as simple as rice be flavoured to become distinctive and deeply satisfying?Viewing typography to be just like rice, Type Directors Club Ascenders 2018 recipient and co-founder of Parable Studio, Mark De Winne, expounds on the versatility and nuanced flavours that can be achieved by using type sensitively to enhance branding and graphic design, making delicious visuals every time-across both Western and Chinese communications.Type Directors Club Ascenders 2018  


17:10-17:50 | Sky Theater 


Guan Hin Tay, Founder & Global Chief Creative Officer, TGH Collective

“It’s the imperfections that make things beautiful.”      -Jenny Han

Yes, things should always attempt to be perfect or beautiful, but designing without context or purpose can be meaningless.

What if, some designs are meant to be ugly for a reason?

What if, they aren’t supposed to be perfect?

Perhaps imperfections are indications of authenticity that is beautiful by itself.


18:00-19:00 | Sky Theater VIP Lounge  

VIP Buffet Reception VIP 


19:00-22:00 | Sky Theater 

One Show China Youth Awards Ceremony

One Show  


16 November Friday


9:40-10:20 | Sky Theater 

Building a Global Creative Collective

Anna Qvennerstedt, Copywriter & Global Executive Chairman, Forsman & Bodenfors

A collaborative environment is a nice environment.

A nice environment makes people feel safe.

People who feel safe dare take bolder creative leaps than other people.

With that in mind, is it possible to build a global creative collective, with collaboration across teams, disciplines, departments, offices and continents?

A creative agency that is devoid of the usual layers of hierarchy. That distributes the responsibility to the people who actually do the work. That tries to cut out all distractions and aim for solving the real problems.

Well, this is what Forsman & Bodenfors tries to do.

In this presentation, you will get to know the 11 principles the agency follows.


10:25-11:05 | Sky Theater 

 Kidneys, Fast Food and Michelin Stars. How to get people biting into your ideas.

 David Seah, Executive Creative Director, TBWA\Media Art Labs

What makes a story unforgettable?

How do you get people to sit up and listen to your ideas?

Is it possible to sell without selling?

Find out how kidneys, fast food and Michelin Stars hold the key to tapping on the human psyche and make your ideas more palatable.





11:20-12:00 | Sky Theater 

 Being an Ad Creative is Mm-Mm Good

 Richard Yu, Chief Creative Officer & China Network Creative Consultant, ADK Taiwan

Creating advertisements is like a chef prepares and cooks meals. How to make it delicious and impress people is a very interesting thing. Every step matters, from picking team members, assigning tasks, designing the menu for customers, choosing and preparing ingredients to ways of cooking, choices among steaming, frying, boiling, and deep-fry, food plating and presentation and dessert assortment.Richard Yu, the creative leader of “Uni Noodle – House of Little Moments” campaign. He has created numerous popular food and beverage advertisements over his 25-years advertising career. He is going to share the stories and “cooking process” behind the scenes of these successful creative works.


12:05-12:45 | Sky Theater  

Renaissance Creativity

How a multi-skilled approach leads to more imaginative creative cultures and better work

Nick Bailey, Chief Executive Officer, FinchFactor

As late as the 19th Century it was not unusual for talented people to be accomplished in both arts and science. Much further back, Leonardo Da Vinci – the ultimate Renaissance creative – was an equally brilliant painter, sculptor, draughtsman, engineer, architect and mathematician. It’s only now, in the 21st century, that we have retreated into specialization.

By looking at the most successful innovation and product companies, as well as the most awarded work in the world of advertising, Nick Bailey will explore how the best work comes when we eliminate barriers and break out of our imaginative silos. Only by integrating multiple skills from film-making to technology to media, and by challenging the limitations of our own specialisms, can we truly innovate creatively.


14:00-14:40 | Sky Theater 

 Where Have All the Good Ideas Gone?

Andy Azula, Chief Creative Officer, Calloo Callay

We are lucky to live at a time where everything is changing so fast. And with so many new tools and so many new ways to reach people, creativity should be exploding. But too many times, technology is treated as the idea itself instead of a tool to help an idea come to life. We need to understand the difference between the tools we have available and what actually makes a great idea. Did the idea change someone’s mind? Did it affect how someone felt about a brand or a company? And, did the idea generate sales? All the best ideas start when we spend time really thinking about just one question: What is the problem? It is a question that needs to be asked over and over while working on any ideas. Andy will be discussing how the art of creating award-winning great creative is to understand the problem first. Then the real fun begins.


14:45-15:25 | Sky Theater 

IP aggregation marketing

Jing Li, Director of Brand Communications & IP Marketing, 

As of 2018,‘s brand value is estimated to exceed $20.9 billion. This year, the company was awarded by BrandZ as the fastest growing brand in terms of brand value. In addition to focusing on increasing the overall value of the JD brand, the company is also focused growing on what it refers to as “social brand value”. Leveraging its own extensive marketing capabilities, as well as the capabilities of its strategic partners, JD is harnessing the power of social networks to continue to enhance its position in the market.

JD has leveraged its signature mascot, Joy the dog, in several notable IP partnerships with the likes of Disney, Transformers, LINE FRIENDS and Yayoi Kusama as well as others. The company is continuing to pursue other opportunities to leverage its JD Joy brand to create unique IP partnerships. We look forward to exploring the potential of these opportunities in the future through our discussion.


15:30-16:10 | Sky Theater 

The Power of a Pencil – why we all need the hands of a craftsman?

Carol Lam, President & Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Greater China

Pion Lai, Head of Design, Leo Burnett Shanghai

Bati Wu, Creative Director, Leo Burnett Shanghai

Do good works have a secret formula? What is more important, idea or craftsmanship? Every day there are new hacks and marketing trends that we might lose focus. But no matter how the world changes, we all need the hands of a craftsman. The reason? Good works are carefully polished before finally presented. No matter you are copy-based or art-based, the word CRAFT carries the same significance as IDEA does.

Leo Burnett Greater China President and CCO Carol Lam, will take you through the wonders crafted by the big pencil, together with two top creatives — Pion Lai and Bati Wu.





16:25-17:05 | Sky Theater 

How we established Skittles’ global brand values of fun into the China market in an exciting creative way? 

Takho Lau, Executive Creative Director & Managing Partner, DDB Guangzhou& Beijing

Shimin Ni, CBU Head – Fruity Confectionery, Mars Wrigley Confectionery China

You may never have tasted Skittles, but you’ve probably heard of them, or noticed ads about them. Perhaps you’ve seen the award winning one-time-only Super Bowl ads from the US, or a variety of fun and interesting ads Skittles runs in different markets. Skittles’ creativity is always impressive and always delivers a consistent worldwide message of ‘unexpected fun’.  When we wondered if any of these successful ads could travel to China without any changes, from Shimin and Takho’s perspective, the key to success in China is to find the most relevant way to communicate with Chinese consumers, so we set up a panel to discuss what kinds of Skittles creativity could grab the attention of Chinese audiences while still following the brand’s global creative principles of fun. But more than that, how could we go beyond people’s expectation while still achieving effective business results?


17:05-17:45 | Sky Theater 

 From Screen, to Sky, to Kitchen: Chef David Mao’s Story

Chef David Mao  

David’s life is full of legends. He was the hottest young actor in Taiwan in the 1980s. He gained twice nomination in the Golden Horse Award as the Best Actor. When stopped working on the film, he was the first official licensed agent for Giorgio Armani as well as the brand’s celebrity endorser. David is also a cigar aficionado and authored a book on cigars. In order to overcome the fear of height, he began to learn how to fly an aircraft and eventually became a pilot.

Now David is enjoying his life as a chef. He is known as the ‘president’s chef’. He has cooked food for former French President Hollande, Prince William and his wife, and the former Chinese President Jiang Zemin. David’s motto is ‘Life needs different flavor, which makes life really tasty’, he integrates his cooking, delicacy, and enthusiasm into the life of different people. But David, as a former adman, has more to share with us. Let’s learn about his colorful life.


18:00-19:00 | Sky Theater VIP Lounge  

VIP Buffet Reception VIP自助晚宴


19:00-22:00 | Sky Theater 

One Show Greater China Awards Ceremony


22:00-2:00(+1) | After Party Zone 

One Show Greater China Awards AFTER PARTY

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