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Think Before You Click: A New Social Media Awareness Campaign

PHILIPPINES – JULY 25, 2011 – An obsession with social media has taken over the world, and the Philippines is no exception. With roughly 25 million of the 750 million Facebook users being Filipino, a local social media awareness campaign was inevitable. GMA News has taken advantage of the social media obsession in the Philippines by launching Think Before You Click. The campaign, launched this month, has everyone tweeting, from local celebrities Carlos Celdran and Maxine Magalona, who both feature in the campaign’s promotional videos, to worldwide full-service provider TeleTech.


The main aim of the Think Before You Click campaign is to inspire responsible actions on social media websites by forcing the public to reflect upon their decisions and how they will affect others. The campaign has come out with two videos featuring local celebrities such as actresses Maxene Magalona and Iza Calzado, tour guide Carlos Celdran and TV personalities German Moreno and Ramon Bautista, as well as Howie Severino, the editor-in-chief of GMA News Online. Through the use of these local celebrities and social media site such as Twitter and Facebook, the Think Before You Click Campaign has gained a large amount of awareness and many positive responses.
Although the campaign’s videos have not had warranted very much recognition on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have exploded with good reviews. The campaign’s Facebook page has over 6,000 likes so far and rising. More awareness can be raised through YouScoop.tv, where those who read the article about the campaign are directed with the instructions to upload pictures and photos in support of the campaign. Through social media websites, GMA News is using their new Think Before You Click campaign to improve and raise awareness for the responsible use of social media. The Think Before You Click campaign has met with success that can only grow from this point onward. 


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