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Filipinos increase adoption of online-to-offline dining solutions, says Grab 2023 report

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Grab recently published the Southeast Asia (SEA) Food and Grocery Trends 2023 report, identifying trends and shifts in how consumers are ordering food and groceries online in the post-pandemic era. The report found that while Filipino consumers are ordering more than before, they are increasingly relying on the GrabFood platform for more than just deliveries.  

Combining survey insights from Southeast Asian food and grocery delivery users as well as data insights from Grab’s platform, the report found that consumer food journeys are shifting to a blend of online and offline experiences. Amid the resurgence of dine-in culture, 9 out of 10 consumers surveyed said they prefer food and grocery brands with an integrated online-to-offline (O2O) experience. This was demonstrated by solutions like Self Pick-Up and Dine-In, whose contribution to Grab Philippines’ Total Order Volume increased by 3.6-times from 2021 to 20232. Furthermore, 94% of Grab users say they read reviews on the app; 60% pre-purchased vouchers online; and more than half placed their orders digitally at tables in restaurants.  

Grab Philippines Director for Deliveries Greg Camacho said, “The everyday food journey of Filipino eaters has significantly evolved in the post-pandemic environment. GrabFood now takes on a new role, catering to the demand for a convenient experience that transcends on-demand deliveries. We remain dedicated to innovating solutions that enable our merchant-partners to seamlessly interact with our highly active userbase, enabling them to efficiently adapt to ever-changing consumer behavior.”  


Another captivating finding from the report is that a staggering 89% of Filipino Grab users use the app to discover new restaurants and stores they have never tried before. Food delivery apps are now the second most popular way Filipinos are discovering new F&B outlets – ahead of social networks like Instagram, friends and family, and even food blogs. 

The report also highlighted the following consumer trends and recommendations for food and mart merchants:  

  • Filipinos Go Big for Christmas: Filipinos do love the holidays, especially Christmas. The trends report shows that GrabFood orders increase gradually starting as early as two weeks before the beloved celebration. Topping the list of top items ordered are catering sets, whole cakes, bakery and pastries, and frozen yogurt.  
  • Subscriptions drive more and larger orders: GrabUnlimited subscribers spend 3.1-times more per month3 and order 2.4-times more frequently per month compared to non-subscribers.  
  • Don’t overlook the Merienda opportunity: While lunch may be the most popular time for orders, Merienda orders between 3:00 to 6:00 pm have the highest basket value, as people tend to order snacks in groups. In fact, 87% of Filipinos said they are likely to snack during this time.  
  • Growing eco-consciousness: 44% of consumers in the Philippines say they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands, and 96% are more likely to support brands with sustainable practices. As consumers make more eco-conscious choices, brands can get a headstart by reducing packaging, whether by removing extra layers, or opting for natural materials such as banana leaves. 
  • Savory Food Top List of Most Popular Orders: In 2023, Filipinos enjoyed an array of tantalizing flavors, with burgers, chicken sandwiches, fried chicken, and pasta reigning as the top orders on GrabFood. Nevertheless, sweets continue to attract interest among foodies, with cakes, milk tea, and coffee securing their spots in the top five most-searched items. 
  • Group Orders on the rise with more workers back in the office: Group Orders on Grab were 1.6-times higher in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. Most popular at lunchtime and for deliveries to workplaces, merchants can tap into this office lunch crowd by offering bundled deals during this peak time.  

Grab continues to find ways to improve merchant discovery on the app and deliver more value to GrabFood and GrabMart users. This includes a revamped Group Order experience with new functionality such as bill-splitting and Dine-In Deals that allow consumers to discover new restaurants and pre-purchase attractive in-store deals. 

Greg added that the latest trends report is one of the many efforts of Grab to share actionable insights with its merchant-partners in a bid to help them better understand their customers and make data-backed decisions for operations efficiency and consumer satisfaction.  

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