Insight: According to APR’s Global Trends Report, brands must “challenge everything” to produce relevant content in 2021 & beyond

COLORADO, USA – Advertising Production Resources (APR) – a content creation optimization consultancy that oversees more than $1B+ in global annual production spend – released its 2021 & Beyond Content Creation Trends & Predictions, highlighting many of the major transformations that the production industry underwent during the pressures of the pandemic and how those transformations will continue to affect content creation in the years to come.

This year’s trends include analyses on the increased demand for content at scale, content specifically made for ecommerce, and the colossal shift toward centralized productions onset by the digital acceleration of the last 18 months. Also on the rise is the need for more robust Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems, efficient processes to source and onboard Fit-for-Purpose content creation partners, and the vital role of data governance in modern production ecosystems. The primary theme around these trends is that brands must “challenge everything” they know about traditional content creation to modernize and optimize their own production efforts moving forward.

“The content creation industry landscape has changed definitively and with that comes the opportunity to test new content creation models,” said APR Founder and CEO, Jillian Gibbs. “2020 gave us the opportunity to evolve as an industry – which is a good thing, because we don’t believe that the traditional production model was serving us best to meet the needs of today’s marketers.”


For a deeper analysis of these trends, please refer to APR’s 2021 & Beyond Content Creation Trends & Predictions White Paper, which you can access here.

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