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Kindred explores time, identity, and fame with Sharon Cuneta in ‘Megastar (Interlude)’

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — With the release of a heavily abstract and thought-provoking new single, “Megastar (Interlude),” indie alternative boy band, KINDRED, continues to create bold and daring projects. The twinkling track, the first of Sharon Cuneta in seven years, was written by the band themselves. Following the endorsement of one of Philippine entertainment’s legends and luminaries for their previous release, “Lambing (feat. Kiyo),” this comeback opens up their worlds to so many more possibilities.

The much-awaited release explores very profound topics of longing, ambition, and the passage of time. It begins by highlighting a desire for recognition and prestige. In this case, however, it is expressed in the form of a one-hit wonder; a brief moment that emphasizes the fleeting lifespan of fame, and whether or not it meant anything at all.

The song is later followed by a second verse, which emphasizes more heavily on nostalgia and reflection on an artist’s career. Much to the contrast of the first verse’s emphasis on one-hit wonders, this verse now sheds light on an artist’s desire to possess a lasting impact on the industry and whether or not they have achieved a sense of closure to their career.


The lyrics mention themes related to age, such as “friends are tired and older” and “have I earned my rest,” and “will you still love me,” which all highlight the growing pains of finding one’s identity and self-worth after spending a lifetime receiving validation and recognition from others. This is further brought to light in the song’s final line: “Say you’ll remember me.”

The choice of collaborating with Sharon Cuneta, the one and only megastar within the OPM scene, is perfect for a song that explores the complexities of being in the limelight of the music and entertainment industry. Making this undertaking even more endearing and extra special is the fact that her daughter, Frankie Pangilinan, contributed to the songwriting process with her own words.

KINDRED’s Artistic Interpretation

KINDRED themselves also provided an abstract narrative that explores the same themes of self-identity and the passing of time. When asked about how they perceived the song, they related it to the story of a boy and a girl.

“It’s 3:00 AM, and a boy has just been brought home from the hospital. He refuses to rest. Despite all protests and aggravated requests that he do (go to sleep), he hunches over a dusty desk, breathes oxygen from a tank, programs strings and warbled synths and prompts the opening of a gateway to somewhere familiar,” an interpretation of how one will still retain their desire to not want to miss anything important or profound. In the boy’s case, this is his music.

As for the girl, they begin their narrative with her “lying wide awake, trying to make sense of what it means to be in her mother’s carnival mirror; an un-exact copy, a twisting of a great image. She then receives an invitation from the aforementioned boy, and scribbles down a presumed philosophy on behalf of her favorite reflection. This will serve them on their journey later.”

The two later embark on a journey together, and eventually realize that life is a continuous and ever-changing journey that is meant to be enjoyed, but never for its destination. Similar to a life in showbiz, the enjoyment and fulfillment one feels will never truly be quenched at the end of one’s career, but is felt in the moments that came beforehand.

All in all, KINDRED’s latest release explores an artist’s journey through years in the limelight, and highlights their attempt at finding a sense of self-worth and identity when the curtains finally draw to a close.

“Megastar (Interlude)” is now streaming on all platforms.

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